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morning ritual
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5 Morning Rituals That Will Change Your Life Forever

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to effortlessly navigate through life? Achieving success and personal growth at every turn? The secret lies in their morning rituals. These simple yet transformative habits have the power to change your life forever. By incorporating just a few intentional actions into your daily routine, you can unlock …

self care
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Innovative Self-Care Hacks: Unconventional Ways to Recharge and Renew

Discover unique and unconventional approaches to self-care that can help you recharge and renew your mind, body, and spirit. Are you feeling burnt out and in need of a fresh approach to self-care? Look no further. In this article, we will uncover innovative self-care hacks that go beyond the usual bubble baths and spa days. …

the best protein shakes that are simple to make
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The Best Protein Shake Recipes That Are Simple to Make

I have compiled a list of some of the best protein shake recipes that are simple to make. When it comes to protein, it can be tough finding decent-tasting ones and good recipes that don’t take all of your time and energy to make. LadyBoss Lean has several amazing flavors of protein along with special …

spicy tuna stuffed avocado
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20 Yummy and Healthy Summer Dinner Recipes

When it comes to summer and food, it can be tough finding the yummiest and healthiest recipes. Summertime is a busy time and we are often on the go and that doesn’t leave a lot of time for meal planning and prepping. From salads to full meals, here are 20 of the yummiest healthiest summer …

self care at home
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Why We Love Self Care At Home (And You Should, Too!)

Have you ever wished that you had extra time in your day for self-care at home? And with self-care, do you ever wish that you could skip the traffic and hours of waiting in salons and various offices for various treatments? Well, you most certainly can! Technology and home devices have come such a long …

pet friendly indoor plants
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Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants and Their Surprisingly Healthy Benefits

If you want to add some plants to your indoor decor but are worried about the safety of your pet, here are some pet-friendly indoor plants and their surprisingly healthy benefits. It’s important to keep in mind that just because a plant may look nice, some of them do have the potential to harm your …

Strawberry Laser Lipo
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Strawberry Laser Lipo- 10 Things You Really Need to Know

If you’ve found this article, chances are you’ve heard of body contouring treatments such as cool sculpting, laser lipo, and perhaps even Strawberry Laser Lipo. All of these are treatments that aim to quickly and painlessly eliminate fat from certain areas of the body. All of the treatments have their own benefits as well as …

foam rolling
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What is Foam Rolling and How is it Helpful to Your Body?

Foam rolling is something that until fairly recently I have never heard of. I’ve been working out regularly the past few months, and my trainer kept talking about foam rolling and how it was amazing to aid workout recovery, and how she just loves foam rolling. When I first heard the term, I was like …

what is a sedentary lifestyle
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11 Ways to Stop Living the Sedentary Lifestyle

What’s A Sedentary Lifestyle? To begin with, the sedentary or sedentary lifestyle definition is a behavior where you spend most of your day sitting or lying down, with little to no physical activity. As one can imagine, there are several consequences of living a sedentary lifestyle that can be detrimental to your mental and physical …