Strawberry Laser Lipo- 10 Things You Really Need to Know

If you’ve found this article, chances are you’ve heard of body contouring treatments such as cool sculpting, laser lipo, and perhaps even Strawberry Laser Lipo. All of these are treatments that aim to quickly and painlessly eliminate fat from certain areas of the body. All of the treatments have their benefits as well as pros and cons. Today we are going to talk specifically about Strawberry Laser Lipo.


What is Strawberry Laser Lipo?

I have given birth to four children, so despite eating healthier and working out, my stomach pooch still just would not budge. I’m not a fan of actual invasive surgery. Thinking of being put to sleep and needles, etc. cutting up my body terrifies me. I also don’t like to spend a ton of money on things such as “cosmetic appearance.” I have been exercising almost daily for several months, my body is looking toned and fit- except for the mom’s pooch.

So alas, I began my research about non-invasive treatment options for this stubborn fat that just doesn’t want to part ways with me. I read about a lot of different treatments and finally, I decided to book an appointment for Strawberry Laser Lipo.

Strawberry Laser Lipo is a laser procedure in which paddles are placed against the skin, and a cold red laser beam is emitted into the fatty layer underneath the skin. During the treatment, the laser feels slightly warm. It’s not a cold, dreadful experience and it’s quite comfortable. The red light therapy creates pores on the surface of the fat cell allowing the cell to release the fatty acids and extra water.


What to Expect During the Treatment

Some medispas will have slightly different devices. At my local spa office, there is a large belt with several paddles containing the lasers. The spa technician first takes the before photographs and measurements and then places the belt around the area that you wish to treat. You can treat various areas of your body, and each treatment is 10 minutes long. Also, small pads are put onto the pubic lymphatic area to help assist in the drain and expel process if you choose to treat the abdomen.

After I had my belt on, I was able to lie back in a cozy chair and do stuff on my phone. I chose to have the treatment on my abdomen, so ten minutes upper abdomen and ten minutes lower abdomen. The belt was wrapped around so that my back was getting the treatment as well. I barely felt anything at all during the treatment, just slight warmth.

Once the treatment was complete, I was instructed to stand on a vibration plate for ten minutes, a restroom break, and ten more minutes. It’s recommended that you use a vibration plate for ten minutes for each area that gets the treatment. Also, you are encouraged to work out within four hours to help aid in the release of fat and water. You also need to eat healthily and drink plenty of water 24 hours after treatment because the fat cells are now empty and you don’t want to fill them back up with fat.



The Strawberry Laser Lipo treatment was painless and pretty quick. Once I had the laser belt off and I completed time on the vibration plate, the after pictures and measurements were taken. I lost 1 and 4/8 inches in this one treatment alone. That isn’t bad at all for less than an hour and zero pain. Here are my before and after pictures below, there was slight redness from where the belt was.

Strawberry Laser Lipo


Pros & Cons of Strawberry Laser Lipo


Fairly quick
Instant results


Price (I got an introductory deal for $99 for one treatment, many spas charge $250+ per treatment).
May take several sessions– I am happy with my results for less than an hour of treatment, however, to get the results that you dream of, most people have to go at least 4-8 times.
Not a replacement for exercising and healthy eating- Some people may think that if they lose the fat from this treatment they can eat what they want and not work out. That is not the case, you can gain back the weight if you don’t eat better and work out. The good news, workouts don’t have to be insane. Lift some weights or go for a 15-30 minute walk each day.



I have noticed that there isn’t that much online yet about the full details of Strawberry Laser Lipo. Here are some tips from my own experience that it would have been cool to know about.

  • No alcohol 24 hours before or 24 hours after treatment
  • Wear a sports bra and leggings or yoga pants for the procedure
  • Drink plenty of water before and after
  • You may feel slightly dizzy after, I didn’t experience this
  • Prepare to urinate and have a quick trip for other things in the restroom. During the day of your treatment as well as the next day.
  • Wear tennis shoes for the vibration plate
  • You may experience slight redness, mine dissipated within a few hours
  • Don’t be afraid to ask the technician if you have any questions or concerns
  • If you’re pregnant, extremely obese, have bad joints, etc, this treatment is not for you. Consult a doctor.


Wrapping Up

After trying out the Strawberry Laser Lipo treatment, I am glad that I did it. However, going an hour away to a medspa regularly when I have small kids just isn’t practical for me. I have purchased a red light therapy belt¬†and can’t wait to receive it so that I can try it out at home. It was featured on the Rachel Ray show and if I can get at least half the results that I did from the in-office treatment, I’ll be a happy camper.

If you’re looking to shed an inch or two (or more) around the waist or thighs, arms, etc, I recommend that you give Strawberry Laser Lipo a try. You have nothing to lose except inches! Also, many places offer discounts and I have seen the treatment on Groupon before. If you’ve had Strawberry Laser Lipo, sound off in the comments how your experience was and your results.


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