How to Help Others to Prosper during Trying Times

Did you know that approximately 17 million American adults suffer from major depressive order? That means that not even involving a pandemic or quarantine, a large population of adults ages eighteen and over have had issues with depression. Throw in a pandemic and I’m sure those numbers will quickly rise.

Now more than ever it’s critical that we reach out and help each other when we can. Helping others to prosper during trying times doesn’t mean giving them money or handouts. It means being there for them, talking to and supporting them. Those things mean so much more than money ever could. Many people don’t have strong support systems, and that’s a crucial thing to have in today’s society.

How to Help Others to Prosper

Part of being a decent human being is helping other people when you have the chance. This could be something as small as holding a door open for someone, or as impactful as volunteering your time and/or money to a local charity. Our society these days consists mostly of online communication and even so, there are still plenty of ways that you can help a stranger out.

Once again, I’m not just referring to money. I’m talking about ways to make someone smile, ways to change a negative mindset, just letting someone know that you think something that they posted was amazing. There are so many “little things” that add up to big changes.

What You Can Do to Help Others

  • If you come across a social media or blog post that is touching in some way to you, comment and let that person know. Share it with your friends and family. It means so much to know that others understand and relate to our words.
  • Volunteer at local charities. You can work at soup kitchens, help children, pets, homeless- the options are totally unlimited. Some great websites to find places to donate your time and money: Habitat for Humanity, Feeding America, and American Red Cross. Once again, there are so many places that you can help out. Try Googling pet hospital volunteers for example, and you can find places near you that need help. If you aren’t able to volunteer your time, you can help organizations by donating goods that they are in need of. Most organizations have websites and list the items that they need to be donated.
  • Keep in touch with your friends and family. It’s so easy these days to send a simple text and let those you love know that you’re thinking of them. Make a habit of regularly calling or texting your friends and family. Too many times we forget this simple but meaningful task because of social media. ‘Liking’ a social media post isn’t the same as checking in directly with someone.
  • If you notice behavior that isn’t normal for your friend or family member, try talking to them. If after talking with them you are still worried about their wellbeing, reach out to a hotline such as Talk to Someone Now for advice on what to do next.

Helping others to prosper during trying times is about so much more than just money or doing something to say that you did it. When you help other people and organizations, you are making a difference. Just like a simple smile can change someone’s attitude, helping and donating to others make for a huge change. It brings community and people closer, and we need that more than ever.

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