Ladyboss Review: Is It Truly It Worth It?

Firstly, here is an honest Ladyboss review from an everyday mom to you. I have used Ladyboss Lean for a couple of years now, and it is by far my favorite protein!! Ladyboss is most popularly known for the great-tasting Lean, however, there are so many more products and benefits.

I am sure that you have seen ads or heard about Ladyboss. But what exactly is it and is it worth it?

Ladyboss products are created by a former woman bodybuilder and made just for women. She’s a mother and indeed, she just gets it. We need quick meals and snacks that taste great and help us stick to our goals. And Ladyboss solves all of these perfectly.

This post contains affiliate links to products that I fully support.

Ladyboss Lean

This is by far the most popular product in the Ladyboss line. You can choose from vanilla cake or strawberry shortcake anytime and just recently added to permanent stock availability- Brownie Batter!! Yum yum. You also have the chance to score limited flavors from limited-time flavor drops. If you’re a Ladyboss member, you’ll learn about the drops before everyone else. This gives you the best chance to snag your desired flavor before it sells out.

I have tried a few different flavors and Peanut Butter Cup is a popular choice. Personally, my favorite is Strawberry Shortcake and I am so glad that it’s now one of the permanent flavors. You can even get a Kids Super Shake protein as well, in fruity cereal flavor. If you’re in the market for a new protein, I definitely recommend trying out Ladyboss Lean. You won’t be disappointed.

Another cool thing about Ladyboss protein is that you can even bake with it! When you join the personal Facebook community group, you can swap recipe ideas and so many more amazing ways to utilize this awesome protein.

Ladyboss Bar

These brand new delicious bars just recently dropped. Peanut butter chocolate chip and other flavors now dropped! These are absolutely amazing. Only 200 calories and a chockfull of protein-these bars make the perfect snack or meal replacement. Finally, a protein bar that actually tastes good. A little tip, pop it into the microwave (out of the wrapper) for 10-15 seconds. Ooey gooey goodness!

Other Supplements

Ladyboss offers a variety of workout supplements to fit your needs. Indeed, from pre-workout to greens and everything in between, Ladyboss has a great selection.

  • Protein
  • Energy & Pre-Workout
  • Collagen
  • Greens
  • Recover
  • Rest
  • Burn


Additionally, there are a variety of bundles that will save money on your order. Designed to fit your lifestyle, bundles are a great way to try out the products and determine which works best for you.

Wait..There’s More!

SWAG- Ladyboss is well known for the awesome swag. From shaker cups to stickers and shirts, workout leggings, likewise, there is a lot of awesome swag to choose from.

Free Samples- Hop on over to the website for your free samples!

Programs & Challenges- Find your next workout program or challenge and crush your goals.

Ladyboss Review

As if these amazing products don’t speak for themselves, there is even more to love. My favorite thing about Ladyboss is the customer service and support system. Once you place an order, you can access the private Facebook community. There are so many women on similar journeys that are there to lift each other up and help you to stay motivated.

It’s easy to contact customer service on Facebook, through e-mail, or phone call. If you join the Ladyboss membership, you will save money plus receive all sorts of workout and recipe freebies. Coaching is also offered if you are interested to have someone help you each step of the way.

The Ladyboss blog is a great resource for all things fitness-related. Therefore, find your next workout or favorite recipes on the blog.

I love being a Ladyboss and I am so glad that I found these amazing products. I actually look forward to my protein shakes these days, because they taste that good. In conclusion, this is an honest Ladyboss review from a Ladyboss. Be sure to check out the website and try the products for yourself. Lastly, are you already a Ladyboss? What’s your favorite product?

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