Real-Life Resolutions That You Can Reach All Year Long

Another new year has arrived. With it comes many unknowns, as well as a clean and blank slate to a better you. When it comes to resolutions, maybe they’ve worked for you in the past. Or maybe, like many of us, your resolutions have fallen flat. Perhaps you get burnt out after a few days of only eating salads and no sweets, or maybe you’re too embarrassed to be seen at the gym when you’re feeling at your worst.

If these types of resolutions sound like you, read on for some great tips on real-life resolutions that you can reach all year long.


Resolutions 101

What exactly is a resolution and why is it such a big deal for a new year? For many folks, a resolution is a goal and it can be smaller (make good grades all semester) or larger (buy dream home this year). Resolutions are short-term and long-term goals that people set to achieve going into a new year, starting a clean slate. Maybe you feel down in the dumps over things that happened (or didn’t happen) in the past year and so, you set out on a journey with new goals and resolutions of things to achieve for the new year.

Setting New Year’s resolutions isn’t a bad thing. A lot of people trash talk and make fun of those who set resolutions because it seems so many people don’t stick to or meet their goals and just give up after a few days weeks or months. The trick to achieving (and excelling) in your resolutions, is to take it day by day. If you resolve to work out every other day, don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day now and then. Just pick back up where you left off.

Resolutions don’t work unless you do.

This is true with anything worth having in this life, you have to put in the work to reach a goal. Don’t stress about messing up or what other people may have to say if they aren’t being supportive of you in your journey.


Normal Resolutions to Achievable Resolutions

When you hear “normal”, I want you to think about the things that you would typically hear. Resolutions that others typically use or if you Google “New Year’s resolutions” these things would come up. And I want to give you some achievable resolutions in place of these norms. Let’s break the mold and start crushing our resolutions!

Normal Resolution: This year I want to lose 50 pounds.
Achievable Resolution: This year I will eat healthier foods and work out every other day, even if it’s just a 30-minute walk. I will praise myself as I lose weight along the way and not only look better but feel better. I don’t do that well with workout or diet programs that say I HAVE to do this or if I don’t do THIS EVERY DAY I won’t see results. I believe that a little at a time is best, build up to more when you’re ready for it. Don’t let others dictate how or when you should achieve your goals.

Normal Resolution: This year I will buy my dream home.
Achievable Resolution: This year I will create and stick to a budget and allow myself to properly save to buy my dream home. This means I may have to give up a few things here and there to be able to make this resolution a reality.

Normal Resolution: Stop smoking.
Achievable Resolution: You can’t just expect to stop something like smoking cold turkey. Sure, it works for a few people, but the majority need more than that. Take your time and don’t hate on yourself if you cheat and have a smoke. Try switching to vaping or nicotine patches. Better yet, meet with your doctor and come up with a plan that best suits you to realistically kick the habit. It can take a while to completely quit, so be proud of your small and large accomplishments along the way. Find healthier ways to reduce the stress that works for you.

Normal Resolution: Learn a new skill or hobby.
Achievable Resolution: Don’t limit yourself to one time of the year to start learning a new skill or hobby. Always be on the lookout for ways to challenge yourself. Workshops, courses, and even video tours are all great ways to learn something new all year long.

Normal Resolution: Enjoy life more.
Achievable Resolution: Please don’t ever settle for only wanting to make your life better when the New Year rolls around. Live in the now and plan for tomorrow. You shouldn’t ever quit believing in yourself and enjoying life. Remember, the small things add up to be the big things.

Normal Resolution: Exercise and get in shape.
Achievable Resolution: Start small. Take a daily 30-minute walk. Try at-home workouts if you aren’t a fan of the gym. Don’t hate yourself if you skip a day or two, and it takes time to lose weight just as it took time for the weight to pile on.


How to Achieve Real-Life Resolutions

Real-life resolutions are different than “normal” resolutions. In fact, they are easier to achieve. Because with real-life resolutions, you work on yourself all year long. You don’t make a crazy unattainable goal and ditch out as soon as it gets tough. You pick yourself up and you continue on.

  • Never stop believing in yourself.
  • Don’t quit because it gets tough. Things worth having often don’t come easy, but they are worth it.
  • Allow yourself grace (this may be different for each person. Maybe you are experiencing things outside your control that are making it hard to stick to your resolutions. Give yourself the time and come back when you are ready).
  • Reward yourself for achievements of hard work and progress.
  • Try journaling to express your feelings and track progress.
  • No excuses. If you need more time, take more time. Just don’t stop.
  • Surround yourself with positivity and steer away from the negativity.


Now that you’ve read through these tips, I hope that you look at resolutions in a new light. It’s perfectly fine to make New Year’s resolutions, just don’t give up on yourself before you have the chance to be successful, and never stop dreaming for more. What are your resolutions for this year?

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