Is the Beachbody Program Worth It?

You’ve seen the infomercials for years. You’ve seen the folks promoting it on social media. Is the Beachbody program worth it? I have been using Beachbody for several months now and I want to explain how I got started, what I’ve learned, and my honest review of the products and the company.


How it Started for Me

I have carried and given birth to four children and without a little exercise, my body just was not going to bounce back as it had years ago. That lead me on a journey of getting fit. Going to an actual gym wasn’t really an option because of kids, and our busy schedules. I found several different programs from apps and books to support groups.

Nothing was really working out. I couldn’t stay motivated and keep on track with any of these programs. For a couple of weeks, I would do great, then I’d fall off the wagon and feel like I was back at square one. One day, in a desperate attempt to not fail once again, I remembered that I had bought one of the Beachbody programs on DVD, yes years ago. So I went on a hunt and dug out the DVD, Country Heat.

I didn’t have much hope left in me since all the failures, and I’d seen the Beachbody and Countryheat infomercials so many times. There were not any huge expectations. I also had nothing to lose, so I dove right in.


What Happened Next

Needless to say, I was completely blown away by the program and my results. I did not expect to lose pounds and inches so quickly, but I especially didn’t expect to enjoy working out! In the past, I had a fairly fast metabolism so I didn’t have to work out to look fit. I enjoyed gorging on junk food and absolutely hated exercising.

You can understand the doubt that I had in my mind about this program actually working. Well, Autumn, the trainer of Countryheat (and several other Beachbody programs) is awesome!! She kept me motivated, had me laughing, and I actually looked forward to each workout. Below are my results from Country Heat.

beachbody results


Would I Recommend

I would highly recommend Beachbody. Their on-demand is a library full of every single workout, available at your fingertips, for a low price. Workouts for pregnant folks, beginner, intermediate, advanced. Whatever your workout level, there are workouts (and modifications) available to fit your needs. My favorite parts about Beachbody workouts are that most are only around 30 minutes a day, and many don’t require much equipment. That makes it so easy to do these workouts at home.

Another awesome thing with Beachbody compared to other workout and nutrition programs is the amount of support and motivation that you receive. The trainers keep the workouts interesting and you can join BOD groups with others on similar journeys as yourself. Motivate and support each other.


The Products

Orgain Organic ProteinThis is a great protein with many positive reviews. Amazing ingredients and a great taste with plenty of flavor options to choose from. Orgain protein powder won’t break the bank.

Total-Solution PacksI purchased a total-solution pack after Country Heat to start on my next program. It’s an amazing deal because you get Beach Body on Demand for a year, plus you receive Shakeology or Beachbody Performance products, as well as any equipment that you will need for the particular program that you choose.

Chocolate Whey Recover– This stuff is actually amazing. It tastes like chocolate milk! I can tell the difference on workout days that I don’t drink this afterward- my whole body aches so bad! It definitely aids in muscle recovery.

Energize Available in a few different flavors, my favorite is fruit punch. Drink this about half an hour before your workout and you’ll have the energy to crush it! Tastes wonderful too.



I consider this a bonus and I’m sure many people don’t know about it. I didn’t know for several months. The bonus that I am talking about is coaching! You can sign up as a coach (fees waived for military/vets/spouses) and become part of a team, or a family. Support and motivate each other to stay on task while earning extra money and rewards.

It’s pretty awesome! If you sign up to coach you also receive 25% off of products that you are already using on your health and wellness journey. I consider this a win-win. Having all of these women on a similar journey has been a game-changer to hold me accountable and keep me motivated on my health and fitness journey.

The Beachbody program has so many amazing things to offer, I think everyone should at least give it a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Health, fitness, and happiness are so important, and having a team beside you pushing you forward is such an amazing, rewarding experience.



Here are my Beachbody results since Country Heat, I have completed #mbf, #mbfa, and I am currently working on Control Freak. Is the Beachbody program worth it? I feel that the results speak for themselves. So, do you think that the Beachbody program is worth it?

beachbody. program


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