The Best Protein Shake Recipes That Are Simple to Make

I have compiled a list of some of the best protein shake recipes that are simple to make. When it comes to protein, it can be tough finding decent-tasting ones and good recipes that don’t take all of your time and energy to make. LadyBoss Lean has several amazing flavors of protein along with special limited-time flavor drops throughout the year. Beachbody also has an amazing and nutrient-packed protein- Shakeology. No matter the protein that you choose, you can easily use it to make a delicious shake with these recipes.

Protein shakes offer so many benefits. They can be used as a healthy meal replacement and they can help you to lose weight. If you feel that you may be lacking in certain vitamins and minerals, start having a protein shake for a snack each day.

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Best Protein Shake Recipes

  1. Strawberry Cheesecake Protein Shake If you love a good strawberry cheesecake but not the calories that come with it, try this sugar and fat-free shake recipe. (via Jennifer Meyering)
Strawberry Cheesecake Protein Shake


2. Chocolate Banana Peanut Butter This recipe only requires seven ingredients and is loaded with protein. (via allrecipes)

3. Coffee Lovers Looking for a great way to start your morning or needing an afternoon pick me up? Look no further than this tasty coffee protein shake recipe, only four ingredients required! (via love & Zest)

Coffee Lovers shake

4. Triple Berry Berry lovers rejoice! What a delicious and beautiful protein shake. (via fit foodie Finds)

triple berry protein shake

5. Strawberry Banana When it comes to great-tasting shakes, strawberries and bananas just can’t do any wrong. (via allrecipes)

6. Vanilla Vegan Protein Shake If you’re in the market for a vegan-friendly protein shake that tastes amazing, try out this one. Above all, it’s healthy. (via beaming baker)

7. Green Protein Shake This is an amazing choice if you’re really focusing on weight loss. Includes a powerhouse of greens as well as yogurt and honey. (via Everyday Easy Eats)

8. Mango Blueberry Fuel your body with all of the good stuff with this yummy shake. (via Daily Burn)

mango blueberry protein shake

9. Oatmeal Cookie Give into your cravings, however, with this healthier cookie version in a shake. (via Jennifer Meyering)

oatmeal cookie protein shake

10. Pina Colada Let this delicious protein shake take you to your happy place. Enjoy after a workout or for instance, unwind after a busy day. (via Healthy Delicious)

There you have it, folks, ten of the best protein shakes that are simple to make and taste great. Something in this list is sure to please anyone. In conclusion, if you’re looking for protein options, I would recommend trying LadyBoss Lean, it is the absolute best-tasting protein powder I have ever come across.

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