Winter Workout Motivation– Become Your Best You

Winter workout motivation can be tough. It’s crazy to believe that it’s nearly wintertime already. These past few months have flown by! For many, it’s the least likely time to work out but it’s actually a great time to start a winter workout and become your best version of yourself. Winter exercise doesn’t have to mean exercise in the cold. With little to no equipment, you can enjoy your winter workouts inside your cozy home.


First Things First- Winter Workout Motivation

 The first thing you need to start a winter workout is to get motivated. Whether it’s new workout clothes or a special reward for progress, having motivation in place is key. Working out (and sticking to it) is all about your mindset.

A few things that keep me motivated to workout are:


Recover– My post-workout drink tastes like chocolate milk! I actually enjoy working out knowing that I get to enjoy this yummy drink afterward.




Cute Water Bottle– Drinking lots of water is important, a water bottle like this makes it easy to keep track of water intake.



Workout Gear– I enjoy buying cute new workout clothes on Amazon and Mercari for the best deals.


Scale & Measuring Tape– I know, I know, scales are bad. But I just can’t resist checking my progress! A measuring tape (and progress pictures) are also great tools to utilize.



Choosing A Workout Program 

There are so many workout programs, apps, and videos out there these days to fit into anyone’s schedule and budget. I have learned that I commit best to workouts that hold me accountable. With my workouts, I check in daily and keep in touch with my team regularly to stay motivated and offer others support.

I’ve tried workouts from books, apps, and freebies, but nothing that I could stay committed to. With my workouts, I have access to an entire online library of workouts so that I never have to do the same repetitive moves. I can choose what I want to do and base it on my schedule. Beachbody is my favorite way to break a sweat at home.

Nutrition is also a very important aspect of working out and many programs don’t have that included. It’s hard trying to navigate everything by yourself, which is another thing that makes my workout program amazing. It really takes all of the hard work out of it and that allows you to get your workouts done and nutrition right so that you have more time for other things in life.

Bonus, you get to work out at home! You won’t have to worry about exercising in the cold weather. Many of the workouts only require dumbbells, which most of us already have on hand. You can check to see what equipment you need in the description of each workout. Check out my results from one of the programs here.



 Starting a winter workout also involves self-care. If you aren’t taking care of your body and mind, you won’t benefit from all of the things that workouts and healthy nutrition have to offer.

Some great self-care ideas:

  • Epsom Salt Bath (great for sore muscles)
  • Warm-up and cool-down stretches (extremely important)
  • Lavender essential oil or candle (promote calmness)
  • A self-Improvement book (keep yourself inspired)
  • Get some fresh air

Following these tips, you’ll be on your way to starting an amazing winter workout and becoming your best you. Once you start on this new healthy journey, it’ll be so much easier to stick to it. No excuses let’s get to it!



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