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host the perfect thanksgiving
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How to Host the Perfect Thanksgiving

The weather is starting to get a little cooler, the days are seemingly shorter-it’s finally close to Fall! Before we know it, Thanksgiving will be here. Read on to see how to host the perfect Thanksgiving for family and friends. There are plenty of tips from planning for overnight guests, meal prep, and an awesome …

halloween party
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9 Ways to Throw an Epic Halloween Party At Home

Maybe you don’t want to go out this Halloween or maybe you can’t afford a babysitter. Or perhaps most events are canceled this year. Here are ways that you can throw an epic Halloween party at home and still have a ghostly good time. These Halloween party ideas are perfect for families, there’s something fun …

pupkin patch
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10 Fun Fall Activities Perefect for Families

Fall is probably my favorite season. Summer is way too humid where I live, and fall is a very welcoming relief of crisp, cool air.  Here are 10 fun fall activities you can do with your family while enjoying the lovely fall season. 10 Fun Fall Activities for Families Look at leaves– Take a small …

kids jokes
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Jokes & Riddles for Kids – Ultimate Collection of 75 Kids Jokes & Riddles

If you’re looking for the ultimate list of kids’ jokes and riddles then read on! Let’s face it, we could all use a good laugh these days, especially our kids. Here’s a great list of funny jokes and riddles to get kids (and you) thinking and laughing! 75 Jokes & Riddles for Kids! There are …

haunted actor
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What It’s Actually Like Working at a Haunted Attraction- Should You?

Working at a haunted attraction, what is it really like? My father, my husband, and I have owned a family business since 2014. Last year, we decided (after years of planning and meetings with others, work, blood, sweat, tears, etc) to open up a haunted trail. My dad owns the property where our business is …

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No Stress Healthy Easter

Worried about health issues this Easter? Unsure how to celebrate and still enjoy a fun Easter with the family? Healthy Easter! Easter is a wonderful holiday, it’s one of my absolute favorites. Delicious food, church services, egg hunts. Given that stores, schools, and other places are shutting down because of the coronavirus, it’s understandable to …