25 Entertaining Things to Do on a Rainy Day

Rainy days can be such a drag, but they don’t have to be with these 25 entertaining things to do on a rainy day! You and your kiddos will have plenty of fun activities to do, rain or shine! All things considered, don’t let a rainy day bring you down.


Rainy Day Activities


  • Break out the board games. Put the electronics away for a little while and enjoy a classic board game with the family.

board games rainy day


  • Indoor Scavenger Hunt. Type up some clues and print them out and hide them. You can customize the indoor scavenger hunt for kids or adults. What will the prize be?!

rainy day scavenger hunt


rainy day baking


  • Indoor camping. Set up a small tent or make an old-fashioned-style fort with blankets over the chairs. Kids will love this. It can also be a fun hideout tent. Pop some popcorn and tell each other funny or scary stories.

rainy day fun


  • Dance Competition. Have everyone compete in several dance battle rounds. Find funny songs, crazy songs, whatever you like, and furthermore, take turns dancing it out.

rainy day dance


crafting rainy day


  • Workout together. My kids are always working out with me since I do my workouts in the comfort of my home with this program. There are so many workouts for all levels of fitness, and programs for adults as well as kids.

workout together


  • Learn something new. These days you can learn about anything online, for this reason, try out a new language or find a new hobby.

learn something new


  • Go on a virtual field trip. You can travel to a zoo or aquarium, or maybe you want to visit a museum. A virtual field trip is a great rainy day activity and an entertaining chance to experience something new. Check out this list of 25 virtual field trips.

virtual field trips


  • Spring cleaning. With everyone being stuck at home on a rainy day, it’s the perfect time to clean and tidy up! Delegate tasks and get to it! You’ll be amazed at how much you can get done while being stuck at home. Your house will look better and you’ll feel better.

rainy day cleaning


  • Have a contest. Whether it’s building the best Lego house, dressing up the craziest, have a contest. Let everyone vote on what the contest will be and then go have some fun.

indoor contest


  • Find old photos. I used to love dragging out my mom’s old photos when I was younger. It was fun looking back at childhood and family memories. If all of your photos are digital, take the time to print some out and make a photo album. Or you can easily make photo books online. After all, the kids will love this!

find photo albums


  • Jump in muddy puddles. Find your raincoat and rain boots and go puddle jumping! Thus, Peppa Pig would be proud.

jump in muddy puddles


  • Movie night. Get into your cozy pajamas, grab some yummy snacks, and watch a family movie together.

rainy day movie


  • Make cards for nursing homes. Contact your local nursing home and see how many residents they have to whom you can send cards. Some of those people never receive any mail or visitors. In other words- it would make their day, likewise, children will love the feeling of creating something so special for someone else.

nursing home cards


  • Have a photoshoot. Get everyone to dress up and take some pictures together. Take turns with the camera and get some unexpected candid moments. What a great way to cherish the day and memories. After all, you’re bound to get some awesome photos too.

rainy day photoshoot


  • Naptime. Rainy days make for the best naps! If you have smaller kids who don’t want to nap, turn out the lights and at least have a few minutes of quiet and relaxing time.

rainy day nap


  • Talk. Let’s face it, these days families don’t do too much of this- talk. Sit down for an hour and hang out and just talk. Tell jokes and stories. As a result, get to know each other again.

rainy day talk


  • Read something. Dig out one of those many books or magazines and read! Furthermore, you and your kids will enjoy this, because a lot of people don’t read too much these days.

rainy day reading


  • Plan a trip. A dreary, rainy day is the perfect time to daydream about and plan your next trip! It doesn’t have to be an extravagant vacation, just plan a small getaway to look forward to. Additionally, you can research and learn about new places in the process.

plan a trip


  • Play with the pets. In case you have any pets, a rainy day indoors is a great time to show them some extra TLC. It’ll reduce stress for you and your fur babies. On the contrary, if you don’t have any pets, you could always contact your local animal shelter and see if you can stop by and play with the animals. Some shelters have reading programs too.

play with the pets


  • Set Goals. Spend some time thinking about goals that you want to achieve and coming up with new ones. Likewise, teach your kids about goals and goal setting.

rainy day goals


  • Sell stuff online. There’s no better time to find stuff that you don’t need or use anymore and sell it online than on a boring, rainy day. It’ll cheer you up reducing clutter and making some extra money! You can sell items on so many sites these days. eBay, Mercari, and Swap are a few of my favorites.

sell your stuff online


  • Call a family member. Forget texting, in fact, call a family member and have a real-life phone conversation with them. You’ll both feel great afterward. Have the kids give their grandparents a call, albeit just to say hi.

call a family member


  • Learn a new recipe. If you have kids, find a new recipe that you can make together. However, if you don’t have kids, head to the kitchen and put your own skills to the test.

rainy day cooking


As shown above, there are so many entertaining things to do on a rainy day to brighten your day. Don’t let a dreary, rainy day bring you down with these entertaining rainy-day activities. Given these points, you may even start looking forward to rainy days at home.


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