20 Activities for Kids At Home

Fun Activities at Home

Keeping your kids occupied day in and day out when stuck at home can get really tough. If you have multiple children, sure they may get along together for a while, but eventually, all good things come to an end and the bickering starts. Many times we get frustrated or need a minute of peace and quiet so we just give in to screens. Activities for kids stuck at home will be your saving grace.

I’m going to share with you some fresh, fun, and exciting ideas that you can do with your kids at home to keep them busy and happy (and maybe give you a little peace).

Being stuck at home with kids isn’t the end of the world. It’s time to get your smiles back and enjoy the small things in life while making sweet memories.

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20 Activities for Kids At Home

1. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are so much fun and can be for kids of all ages. You can make your own indoor or outdoor scavenger hunt or print one out. My kids loved this scavenger hunt from Teaching Mama, a free printable. We did the spring scavenger hunt, but she also has many others to choose from on her site. As far as activities for kids at home, this one is fantastic!

scavenger hunt

2. Egg Hunt

Since we won’t be able to go to any Easter egg hunts this year or have a big gathering, I filled several plastic eggs with candy and toys that I already ordered and had at home for the kids to find in the backyard. Egg hunts can really be fun anytime, if you don’t have candy or egg fillers, challenge the kids to find the most eggs or certain colored eggs. Keeps them busy for a while and looking at the prizes is so exciting.

egg hunt

3. Outdoor Car Wash

Kids love messes and water. Perfect solution, fill a medium-sized tote with water and a little bit of dish soap for bubbles. Let the kids drive the toy cars around then stop in for a wash. My girls were mesmerized by this for quite a while.

4. Virtual Zoo Tour

Right now a lot of zoos are posting virtual series and videos on their websites. This is a great learning experience for kids as well as a fun one especially if they love animals. Check out this post for three popular zoos doing virtual tours.

5. ABC Mouse

If you want screen time to also be educational, try ABC Mouse. My son is ten now, but he loved ABC Mouse when he was younger. My three-year-old daughter uses it now and loves playing learning games and earning tickets.

6. Adventure Academy

A fun learning app for kids aged 8-13. If they are too old for ABC Mouse, try Adventure Academy to keep the learning going while having fun.

7. Story Time

Each day let the kids pick a story. For younger kids, you read the book to them, if you have older children let them read to everyone. You can all dress up with the book themes and have a full-on book party.

8. Grinch Waffles

My three-year-old daughter loves making waffles. She likes getting to pour the ingredients in and mix them together. We watched The Grinch and started making Grinch waffles after we were inspired by the idea online. Now every time we make waffles we add green food coloring to them.

9. At-Home Party

If you’re stuck at home during your child’s birthday and can’t celebrate like you all would like to, have a party at home. You can make your child’s day amazing by having the family all make a card for them and make them their favorite foods. And of course, cake!

10. Start a Garden

This is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time now and I finally have hubby on the mission to get it started for us. My daughter loves strawberries so planting a strawberry garden will be lots of fun for her and a great learning experience too. You can easily plant so many different foods and teach kids about taking care of crops and how to harvest them. They will love helping make recipes with foods that they helped to plant and take care of.

11. Sidewalk Chalk

If you live somewhere with concrete or pavement, sidewalk chalk is one of the best outdoor activities. The options are unlimited, kids can draw, make games, create towns, and much more. If you don’t have anywhere to draw with sidewalk chalk at your house, use mini chalkboards and sit outside and draw.

sidewalk chalk

12. Four Leaf Clovers

I remember always looking for these as a child and I felt so special (and lucky) when I would find one. Go out in the yard and see who can find the most four-leaf clovers. If it’s colder months, maybe stay inside and make four-leaf clover crafts instead. This is one of the simplest activities for kids at home.

13. Bon Fire

My kids love bonfires. We have a small fire pit in the backyard and sit around it. It is relaxing and calming, be sure to have marshmallows! Smores are also a favorite around the fire. Enjoy the peace and tell stories, talk, and get to know each other.


14. Chores

I know, I know, chores aren’t supposed to be fun! But with kids, they can be. My toddlers love loading and unloading the washer and dryer and their favorite is cleaning the lent vent. Make a song or game out of cleaning and picking up. Your kids will end up having a good time and you’ll have a cleaner house.

15. Indoor Fort

Indoor forts are so easy to make and kids love them. Bring some chairs to the living room, drape blankets over them, and let the fun begin. I like to find flashlights and small toys when I set up forts so it feels more like a hideout and makes for easy at-home activities for kids.  Or try the option below, all you need is a fan for quick setup.

indoor fort

16. BirdWatch

Look for birds around your yard, then research them online and identify them. A great educational activity for kids of all ages.

17. Potty Training

If you’re still working through getting your toddler potty trained now is perfect timing. You both have uninterrupted time to focus on the process together. Kids can get a special potty training encouragement video call from one of their favorite Disney characters through Huggies.

18. YouTube Yoga for Kids

Cosmic Kids Yoga- kiddos will have fun while exercising and hopefully allow you a break, or you can join in with them!

19. Legos

I’m sure most of you have Legos or Duplos (or both) around the house. Have your kids get creative and build towns or whatever their hearts desire. After the building is complete- it’s time to play!

20. Board Games

Board games are fun for all ages. Some of our favorites:

Hatchimals Eggventure is An adorable game for ages 3+. I must say, I enjoy playing it too. The best part- is it comes with a free surprise Hatchimal!

Don’t Wake Daddy This game is fun and I promise it will make you jump. Ages 3+.

Yeti in my Spaghetti Kids will learn the art of patience during this cute game. Ages 4+, but I will say my three-year-old plays it and she is pretty good at it.

Don’t Break the Ice is A cute little penguin game that entertains for hours. My two-year-old enjoys just hitting the ice blocks. Ages 3+.

Stratego For older kids, this game is a lot of fun. For adults as well. Ages 8+.

Monopoly Jr., You can’t go wrong with a classic like Monopoly Jr. (or Monopoly). They have so many popular themes to choose from. Ages 5+.

Being Stuck at Home can be FUN

Just because you may be stuck at home for a while, remember it’s not the end of the world. Now more than ever is a great time to reconnect with your kids and family. Learn new hobbies and crafts together. Being at home and doing these fun activities together will create wonderful memories for you and your kiddos.


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