12 Fun Educational Kids Shows

Sure, we try our best to limit screen time for our kids. But at times we run out of ways to keep them busy. Especially if you’re stuck at home or if it’s raining outside. Here is a list of 12 fun educational kids shows that you can stream to engage kiddos in learning while enjoying their screen time.

And remember, there is nothing wrong with letting kids have screen time every now and then. Especially if it’s fun and educational. Let’s get started and to the amazing shows!


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12 Fun Educational Shows for Kids




Sid the Science Kid– Follow a young child, Sid, as he asks a new burning question to his stuffed animal audience each morning and then spends the day solving it. Questions such as why do bananas get brown spots? Kids will be intrigued as they help Sid find his answers.


sid the science kid                     


The Who Was? Show– A live-action sketch comedy show that brings some of history’s most famous names to life. Based on the Who Was? best-selling book series. Witty and educational series about famous people throughout history.


who was show                     


The Magic School Bus– Many of us parents grew up watching this fantastic show from Scholastic. There are always new adventures to go on with Ms. Frizzle and the gang. Kids will learn about the body as well as outer space, volcanoes, and so much more as they go on field trips with the class. What will the magic bus transform into next?


magic school bus                  


Little Baby Bum– Great for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers to sing and dance all while learning important skills such as colors and counting. 3D animation show featuring traditional nursery rhymes as well as the creator’s own children’s songs.


little baby bum                                                   


Brainchild– This is a great show for older kids to learn about things such as why is social media addictive and the meaning of dreams as well as a slew of other topics that older kids can relate to.




If I Were An Animal– Each episode explores the life, habit, and ways of a different animal from birth to adulthood.


if i were an animal                            


Ask the Storybots– The Storybots are curious little creatures who live under our screens and answer all sorts of common questions that younger kids want to know, such as why is the sky blue?


ask the storybots                      

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Kratt’s Creatures– Learn about different wild animals with the Kratt brothers as they take you on different adventures on wildlife and the environment.


kratts creatures.                       


Blippi– I am pretty sure if you have a young child or toddler that you already know all about Blippi. This is a fun, educational show geared towards younger kids and they absolutely love it! Kids will learn colors, shapes, numbers, the alphabet, and so much more.




Brain Candy– A fun, action-packed preschool educational series. Younger children will learn their alphabet, how to count, and much more in this fun educational show.


brain candy                                          


Science Magic Show Hooray!– Explosions, sparkles, slime, songs, and science of all kinds. Join Anna as you learn exciting new things. Engaging and accurate science information for kids. Uses the weird and gross to get kids and their families excited about science.


magic show                   


Popular Mechanics for Kids–  Based on the Popular Mechanics magazine and geared towards kids. Special effects, zoos, subways, roller coasters, and so much more to learn about. Go on these exciting adventures to learn more. All about how things work.


popular mechanics for kids                         


Wrapping It Up


Surely your kids will be excited about learning with this awesome variety of educational (and fun) shows. If you’d like a list for shows to binge yourself, check out this list of binge-worthy shows for grown-ups. There’s plenty of shows on this list to keep you entertained and you may just find a new favorite or a few.


Always remember that there is nothing wrong with letting kids have some screen time now and then, especially if it’s educational (and fun). We mamas are so busy most of the time and sometimes we need to have a little peace to ourselves and to get other things done. (cleaning, cooking, caring for all the kids,  helping with homework, working at home, trying to find time for yourself, the list goes on).  You’re doing a great job mama, don’t sweat it.


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