9 Ways to Throw an Epic Halloween Party At Home

Maybe you don’t want to go out this Halloween or maybe you can’t afford a babysitter. Or perhaps most events are canceled this year. Here are ways that you can throw an epic Halloween party at home and still have a ghostly good time. These Halloween party ideas are perfect for families, there’s something fun for everyone to do.

Halloween is such a fun time of year and it can be an awesome event. With the cool, crisp air, and the goodies and scares, there is so much to enjoy during Halloween!

Halloween Party Ideas

Spooky Music

Set the tone of the party with Halloween music! There are so many Halloween songs and playlists for little kids up to teenagers. Save the really spooky music for later in the evening. I like playing music videos on tv using youtube, or using wireless speakers and playing music from my phone or computer.


Pumpkin Decorating

Have everyone decorate or carve a pumpkin at the beginning of the party. Then set up the pumpkins for decor and everyone can vote for their favorites. Younger kids will especially enjoy this, but older kids (and adults) will too! All you need are pumpkins, paint and brushes, and some carving tools.

pumpkin decorating


Scary Movies

If you have older kids, have some scary movies to watch, or even have an old, creepy black-and-white movie just playing in the background while everyone enjoys the party fun. Halloweentown and Casper are great movies for younger kids to watch. And of course, Hocus Pocus is a great Halloween movie for everyone of all ages. If you want scarier movies, “It” is a popular choice. The Children of the Corn movies always freaked me out a bit.

scary movies


Costume Contest

You just can’t have a Halloween party without dressing up. Have everyone pick out costumes as they would any other normal year for Halloween, and host a costume contest in the living room. If you have several youngsters, have small prizes for each so that the little kids don’t feel left out. Didn’t have time to shop for a costume this year? Use what you have around the house and see who can come up with the coolest costume ideas.

Halloween party costumes


Bake Halloween Goodies

There are so many spooky and tasty treats that you can bake up for your Halloween party at home. Plenty of recipes are easy enough for the kids to help you make. I recommend Pinterest to find recipes that your entire family will love. Here are some of my favorites! They are all fairly easy to make, the bloody cupcakes are the most tedious to make.

Hocus Pocus Brownies 

Bloody Cupcakes

Peanut Butter Spider Cookies

Halloween Oreos


Halloween party treats


Halloween Drinks

Here are some great recipes for spooky kids’ drinks that they will love!

Halloween Punch
Hocus Pocus Punch
Spooky Fog Drinks
Bat’s Brew Punch


And here are some adult beverages to enjoy.

Skeletons in Your Closet Cocktail
Witches Brew
Black Magic
Poison Apple


Online Meetup

If you have older children, chances are they wish their friends could join in on the party fun. Use Zoom or even Facetime, and schedule a meetup for everyone. You can all watch a movie together or tell spooky stories. It’s also a fun way to check out everyone’s costumes. You could also play games with others online, your kids will enjoy having their friends “at the party.”


Trick-or-Treat Scavenger Hunt

Just because you’re having Halloween at home doesn’t mean that the kids can’t still get candy! Make it fun by creating a scavenger hunt. Each location can lead to candy, or the final destination can be candy-filled. Or each child can pick out candy after they find items on their list. There are so many ways to make the candy hunt a blast. You can easily create your own scavenger hunt in Microsoft Word, or check out the hunt that I created below.

Printable Halloween Candy Hunt



A perfect ending to an amazing Halloween party is a bonfire. Gather around, roast marshmallows, or make yummy smores while telling spooky stories. If your kids are scared of spookiness or the dark, just enjoy being outside together and telling funny stories while enjoying all the Halloween treats and goodies.

bonfire and smores


Wrapping It Up

Halloween party ideas are fun and easy with these simple tips. Whether you’re having a party at home because you choose to, or because you don’t have a choice, it can still be so much fun. If you have any suggestions for even more at-home Halloween fun, or maybe a special Halloween tradition that your family does, tell me about it in the comments.

After all of the festive Halloween party fun, find out what it’s like working at a haunted attraction.

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