Wine Time in Dahlonega, GA

Wine time in Dahlonega, GA

So, as many of you fellow moms out there can relate to, my husband and I don’t get to go on a lot of trips or enjoy alone time very often. Well, this past weekend we were able to get away to a lovely cabin in the woods in the beautiful town of Dahlonega, GA. Funny thing, we were supposed to have two nights, but of course our four-year-old lost her mind on grandma the first night so we picked her up the second day. Here’s to our wine time in Dahlonega, GA.


Before that, however, we were fortunate enough to have a romantic evening to ourselves. Before the trip (I’m a huge planner) I had researched and researched some more of the best wineries, restaurants, shopping, and attractions. I wanted this short trip to be an absolutely memorable one! It was also part of my birthday gift and a winery was something I really wanted to check out.


Cavender Creek Vineyards


I have been to Dahlonega, GA several times before and somehow did not know that it was one of the biggest wineries and vineyard areas around. What caused me to choose Cavender Creek Vineyards out of the many vineyard options, was that they had muscadine wine. Muscadine wine is one of my favorites, and it is really hard to find around where I live in SC.


After an amazing breakfast at our cabin’s restaurant, hubby and I headed over to Cavender’s Creek for a wine tasting. We experienced several of the wines and picked a bottle of our favorite, ordered some yummy spinach dip, and headed to their covered deck to enjoy. It was such a great atmosphere.


Plenty of cozy chairs and tables to choose from on the back deck or beyond and we had a tab, so we ordered what foods and drinks we wanted as we sat and sipped the wine, enjoying the beautiful Georgia scenery. All of the staff was so nice. And they checked on us several times to bring anything else we may want or need. They had music playing in the background and also live music just a short walk away.


Cavender Creek Vineyards has a nice variety of wines to choose from and they even have wine slushies! I didn’t try a slushy this time, but I will certainly try one in the future. They also have a great snacking assortment to choose from if you’re into munching while sipping like I am. Hello, spinach dip and charcuterie boards!


When I say I wish that we could have stayed here all day, I am not even joking. I enjoyed this relaxing experience so much. Walking around checking out the property was also pretty cool, seeing the rows upon rows of grapevines. They had a lot of pretty flowers around the property as well. We totally would have stayed even longer, if we didn’t have to meet my mother over an hour away to pick our crazy kiddo up.


Wrapping Up

I cannot wait to go back to Cavender Creek Vineyards on my next Dahlonega trip. We will most definitely be back to this amazing place, and I recommend that you check it out for yourself and see what you think. I promise that you will not regret it!

Here’s my video of my fun time visiting Cavender Creek Vineyards.

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