Back to School: Elementary Edition

Back to school is going to be different this year and there is no doubt about that. Whether it be children and teachers wearing masks all day, school work online at home, or any of the other possible “in-between” scenarios for attending school during a pandemic, things will not be the same as they have been before. It’s hard not to be different when we are living through a pandemic. Rest assured, it can still be manageable, and even fun.

If you have a child that will be attending daycare, preschool, or elementary school in the fall, here is a list of back-to-school basics and must-haves to make for a great and prepared school year. Despite things being up in the air about back to school – let’s start the school year off in style and fun!

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Back to School Supplies


Bentgo Kids 5-Compartment, Leak-Proof Lunchbox

The Bentgo Kids lunchbox has 5 separate compartments for all their favorite snacks and meals to be separated but still together. It is leakproof so there are no fears about that. Made with durable, rubber-coated edges that protect it if it’s dropped. This lunchbox comes in many colors and designs- your child is sure to love them.

A really cool thing about Bentgo is that they support Feed the Children and your purchase helps to feed hungry kids. The Bentgo lunchboxes are top-rated by moms everywhere for a reason!

8 Pack Empty Hand Sanitizer Keychain Carriers

Hand sanitizer will be a must at school this fall. Make sure your kiddo is prepared with these adorable hand sanitizer carriers! Fill them with your favorite sanitizer (or make your own) and attach them to kids’ backpacks (and even lunchboxes) so that your child is always prepared to have clean hands on the go. This pack comes with eight different refillable designs. Definitely a must-have this fall.


14 Ounce Kids Summit Water Bottle Thermos with Straw Lid

Kiddos will certainly need their own water bottle at school and this one doubles as a thermos! It is dishwasher safe, stainless steel, and comes in loads of cool patterns and designs. Stock up to have one ready to go each day.



Of course, kids can’t go back to school without backpacks for carrying all of their supplies. Here’s a great option for girls and a great option for boys! Stylish and functional, at a great price as well. You can’t go wrong with a princess backpack for a girl, and Jansport has been a top brand of backpacks for boys and girls for years.



Back to School Essentials Supplies Kit Bundle

We all know that elementary kids will need pencils, glue, notebooks, scissors, etc. This bundle kit comes with everything so the one-time purchase and done! Notebooks, folders, scissors, crayons, pencils, erasers, glue, and more.


School Clothes

For affordable and cool clothes, shoes, and accessories for kids, I recommend The Children’s Place. This is where I purchase 90% of my kid’s clothes throughout the year. They always have great sales and the clothes are good quality and adorable. They always have popular characters such as unicorns, mermaids, gaming, and so much more.


Kleenex Travel Tissues

All children should come prepared, especially this year, with their own travel facial tissue. Throw a pack or two into their backpack and refill when necessary.



Child Size Mask

If masks are required this school year, or if you prefer that your child wear one, this is a great option. Cotton, dustproof, and several different characters to choose from.



First and Last Day of School Chalkboard

Now more than ever it is important to let your kids know that everything is going to be fine. Continue regular traditions with this awesome chalkboard first and last day of school photo prop. Make it a special occasion to remember, which it is!



Personalized Stickers

Put these stickers on your child’s supplies and belongings to prevent any mix-ups or getting into other hands. Many cute (and cool) options to choose from.




A must-have for most kids at school these days is their own pair of earbuds. This is a great option because it comes with 5 sets of earbuds in case your child loses one, or they can have them to use at home too.


Other Nice to Have Items:


Wrapping It Up

Just because back to school this year will be different doesn’t mean that it has to be bad or scary, though it will probably be stressful at times.  A great way to ease younger kids back into school is to buy them a special new stuffed toy to be their buddy at night and that they get to check on each day after school. It will give them something else to look forward to.

Also, keep traditions and schedules going as much as you can. This will help things to seem “normal” to your child(ren). Be sure to take lots of back-to-school photos and enjoy making these memories with your kids, they won’t be little for long!


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