Becoming a Wife

Most little girls dream and play pretend about their future wedding. It’s all pretty dresses and flowers and happily ever after. Becoming a wife, of course, is so much more than that. After being married for over seven years, I can honestly say it’s something that takes hard work and a lot of time, but it can be so rewarding. You’re going to need to be a strong woman to become a wife, from supporting your spouse emotionally to taking care of things around the house to help pick up any slack.

There’s no true way or secret to becoming a good wife. What is a good wife anyway? A good wife supports her spouse and shows that she cares. It’s not always that easy. It takes both people for a marriage to work. A good wife will try her best to make the marriage a happy union. And a good wife is by far not perfect. No one is perfect.

Many people are ready for the wedding, but they don’t think beyond it. They don’t think about the actual marriage. People get married for a number of reasons. But love should be number one. Weddings are almost always fun. The months of planning and picking out all the cute details. Gatherings with your closest family and friends so that they can celebrate you and your soon-to-be spouse. Weddings are easy – just make sure that you show up on time!

Becoming a wife requires patience and learning of your new spouse. Even if you’ve already dated for a while or even lived together- being husband and wife is so much more. There are new expectations and responsibilities that are expected of you, even more so if you have children. It requires sacrifices and compromises.

So You Said Yes

He’s Mr. Amazing and he got down on one knee, here you are, you said yes! This is a very exciting and somewhat scary time in life, many things (possibly even your name) are about to change. Change can be scary but it can also be amazing. Make sure that you both are on the same page about important decisions before walking down the aisle. Decisions such as religion, finances and jobs, kids, and so on.

Don’t be afraid to have these serious discussions as they can make or break a marriage in the long (or short) run. My husband and I only dated a few months before he proposed, and a few months after that we were married. I remember on my wedding day while getting ready seeing a window and imagining climbing out and leaving. Not because I didn’t love this man, because I was terrified!

I’ve always been a daddy’s girl and still lived at home when I was getting ready to get married. My whole world was about to change. All eyes on me. But I did walk down that aisle and marry my now-husband. We have three amazing (crazy) kiddos and too many pets. We have our issues, as all married couples do. But I am so glad that I have my forever person to do this life with. I’m also glad that I never have to go on a first date again. Dating sucks!




Married Life

I’m not going to paint rainbows and lovey-dovey images- marriage is not (usually) that. Becoming a wife is not (always) that. There will be many ups and downs. The most important thing is that you work through these together. Remember why you married this person and keep your marriage a safe space for both of you. There will be bad days, there will be financial issues, and everyday life problems. But there will also be happy days, fun days. Days that you are so glad to have that special person by your side. Don’t be too afraid that you never take a chance. Don’t be so full of pride that you can’t apologize or help out when you see that it is needed. Always remember why you married this amazing person.

Support each other in all things. Don’t get tired of showing affection, even in the little ways. Always take time for each other to talk or have a date night and reconnect regularly. Communication is key. Those are all ways to keep a marriage thriving and to become a good wife. If something is bothering you, don’t bottle it up until it causes an argument. Talk to your spouse.

~Therefore God has joined together, let no one separate. 




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