Us Moms Deserve a Raise

Should I say it louder for those in the back? Can I get an amen? Us moms deserve a raise! I don’t know if it’s the ages of my kids and how my kids act now or my husband working more or the coronavirus and quarantines, I imagine it’s a large mix of all of those things.

But here lately I feel like I am extremely underappreciated and beyond overworked. Whether you’re a stay-at-home-mom or working mom or both, this mom’s life is HARD! I’m sitting here enjoying a glass of wine while I type this so that I can pretend I’m on a secluded island relaxing away. Ha!



Kids Are Great


My four-year-old daughter is currently running around licking the walls and has her older brother and myself convinced that she may be possessed by aliens as earlier she talked about going to the moon each day to see them. My two-year-old daughter is quietly sitting in her closet, hitting the cat of course. It’s 10 p.m. and yes, they are still wide open. Yes, I am exhausted.

Hubby just got home a little over an hour ago from working all day, so I know that he is tired but man. I clean this house I swear I do! Basically, all day long. And yet every time I turn around there’s a million new messes. It is literally never-ending. I don’t even know what a break is anymore, let alone “me time” that people talk about. I really need to look into that and see how to get it. Us moms deserve a raise.


How to Deal


I’ve become mostly immune to the sound of whining and crying. Fights over who sits where, who has the toy, oh and my favorite, whose mom I am. That fight gets real and quite loud. My poor two-year-old really thinks that if my other daughter claims to me that I’m not her mom anymore. Try explaining that one while separating two angry young ones.

Luckily my son is ten, he can mainly do things on his own. The thing is, he tends to want me to do it for him. Never mind that I’m cleaning the kitchen or taking care of the girls. Cooking dinner or folding laundry. My usual. And my gosh kids can’t seem to carry their stuff! A simple car ride down the road they have to bring tablets, drinks, and snacks, toys, sometimes even a legit suitcase.

Do you think they ever carry said items? Nope! Mama has it. On top of carrying my car keys, phone, protein drink, and sometimes the occasional toddler. It’s like I can just do it all. Mess on the floor? Oh well, mama will clean it. Now don’t get me wrong, I adore my crazy children. Most of the time I truly do. But here lately I feel like I am being tested more and more.


It’s Okay to Feel Stressed and at Your Wits End


It’s okay to feel stressed and at your wit’s end now and then. How to handle stress is key. And for goodness sake, my husband has my girls convinced that he is freaking SUPERMAN!! Literally, they point to Superman figurines and say “daddy.” Where’s mommy’s superhero persona?? Mommy is just the cool mom when she does what the kids want or the mean mom when she doesn’t. That’s mom life, guys!

I don’t really ever get alone time these days, like hardly at all. So, I try to first and foremost be thankful each day. I’m thankful for my kids, my sometimes-annoying husband, and my home. I always have everything that I want or need, and my kids do as well. I am blessed.


All About That Real Mom Life


But, yes here is the BUT. This isn’t a post about being the blessed mama and having the absolute perfect life. Flaunting a show for the world to see, trying to gain attention for me and make others envy me. You see, I am blessed. All moms are. But we deserve a raise! In other words, since I don’t technically get paid for all the things that I do 24/7 anyways, I deserve more help and appreciation.

Poor hubby does try, it’s just hard since he’s not around too much because he works full time. I’m putting on my big girl panties and I’m going to rock this mom life. The days are long, but the years are short. This stage won’t last forever, one day I may even miss all of the whining and messes. So, when you get overwhelmed again (you will), remember this is temporary and you are blessed. And you most certainly deserve a raise!


Cheers to YOU, Mama!


So, go on and drink that glass of wine. Take a long bath and use all of the hot water. Buy the stuff you’ve had your eye on forever. Treat yourself mama- you deserve it, we all do!


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