Barbie Dream Plane-Is it Worth the Price?

Barbie Dream Plane

As a child, I loved to play with Barbie as did all of my friends. I had a pretty cool Barbie house and a pretty pink convertible. But there weren’t awesome Barbie airplanes (that I know of or had) in my day. My four-year-old daughter absolutely adores playing barbies. She loves airplanes and I knew she would think the dream plane was absolutely awesome. I researched and saw the price tag, even on sale it was still $60-$70 from most stores. Wow! What a price, I knew Barbie was not always cheap, but goodness that’s a lot of money for a toy.

It’s hard to justify that price on a Barbie toy. Well, I continued looking around at online marketplaces hoping to find a used one cheaper. No luck. I almost snagged one but someone beat me to it and I just don’t like getting my hopes up and losing on something that I want to buy. Something led me to browse toys on Best Buy’s website, which I have never thought to do as I figured they wouldn’t have many toys, especially good deals on toys. Boy am I glad that I did! They had the Barbie Dream Plane on sale for only $48.99 and free shipping. Needless to say, I bought that airplane. Happy dance!

So as with any product, there are pros and cons. I’m going to go over those with you for this awesome toy below. I must say, I am thrilled that the cons are a shortlist and not very major. Let’s get started.


  • The plane has 3 seats that slide and recline so that Barbie and her friends can travel comfortably together.
  • It opens from the top and on the side, making it easy to access everything.
  • Super easy to close up to roll around or (try) to carry.
  • Comes with blankets, food trays, and other cute accessories. More than 15 pieces!
  • The back hatch opens to load pets, etc.
  • Overhead luggage storage that folds up.



  • It’s big, like really big. If it had a handle to help carry it that would be nice. But it does take up a large amount of space.
  • It came with a doll magazine but it was made from thin paper and ripped almost immediately. My daughter was upset about it but I found some miniature doll books on Amazon and she’s happy as can be now.
  • You have to put all the stickers on the plane and that is a bit tedious but that’s pretty standard for kids’ toys these days.
  • The regular, non-sale price is pretty steep.


Would I Purchase Again?

I would most definitely purchase the Barbie Dream Plane again. My daughter plays with it often and she can even store her dolls in it when she’s not playing with them. If it weren’t on sale, I would wait for it to go on sale or gift it for a birthday or Christmas gift. The large size was unexpected, but it’s a really cool toy nonetheless. My daughter loves her Barbie Dream plane!

Barbie is and has always been a great toy brand for girls to use their imaginations. The Barbie Dream Plane is a great gift for kids and especially kids who love travel and adventure. I would recommend the dream plane for ages 4 and up as it does come with small accessory pieces.

Be sure to check out all of the other Barbie toys and accessories as well. Some of our other favorites are the Dreamtopia Mermaids and Chelsea’s Clubhouse dolls and playsets. I’m planning on getting the huge Barbie Dreamhouse for my daughter for Christmas, so that review will be up in a few months. It’s funny, I always said I want a daughter so that I can still play Barbies when I’m an adult. And now I have two!


barbie dream plane

My four-year-old 90 percentile for height daughter and her Barbie Dream Plane


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