16 Toddler & Preschool Science Activities

Finding fun things to do with your little ones can sometimes be a challenge. If you are looking for new, exciting science activities and experiments then look no further! Toddler & preschool science activities are so much fun to plan and it’s so rewarding when you get to see your kids learning and having a blast.

16 Toddler & Preschool Science Activities

So, there are several ways of doing science experiments and activities with your toddlers. I am going to go over a few completely DIY activities and a few kits that you can buy that has everything you need waiting for you.

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DIY Science Activities and Experiments


Sink or Float All you need for this activity is a water-filled container and some toys that can get wet. Ask your child if they think the toy will sink or float and what will happen to it. Explain during the activity how weight and the water work together.


blippi sink or float


Scavenger Hunt  I absolutely love scavenger hunts for the kids. You can create your own or use a free printable online. It’s easy if you make your own to add in items for the kids to find such as certain rocks, bugs, plants etcetera. Then you can teach them about those things. See who can find the most and maybe they win a prize or get to pick the next activity.


scavenger hunt


Sensory Bins You can make a sensory bin quick and easy and have different themes. Dinosaur toys and sand make a great Jurassic theme. Your options are unlimited and the kids love getting to play with all the different items.


sensory bin


Sensory Jar You can make these for any theme. If your kid has a favorite color the jar can be things of that color. Or you can make a spring jar using flowers and glitter. Fill a jar with water, add your decor (glitter, food color, leaf, etc.) then put the lid on and observe the beauty.


sensory jar


Rock Collector- Find different sized and shaped rocks and see if there are different types to identify. Then paint the rocks and collect them. Your kids can always keep adding to the collection.


rock painting


Pasta Jewelry- I remember making pasta jewelry as a child, it’s a really fun and easy activity. Simply layout different size and shaped pasta and color them (measure 2 cups of desired pasta, add to a plastic zipper bag, mix 1/8 of vinegar to a cup add 20-30 drops of food coloring and stir, add this to the bag. Mix the pasta around in the bag then spread out on parchment paper to dry several hours or overnight). Once your colored pasta is dry, place it on a pipe cleaner and add pasta and beads until you fill up the pipe cleaner. Enjoy your new jewelry!


pasta jewelry


Oil and Water Sensory Bag- Everyday Chaos & Calm


Dish Soap Silly Putty- Smart School House


Tornado in a Jar- Homeschool On


Science Kits


Melissa and Doug Magnetic Human Body Play Set- Comes with 24 magnetic pieces that help kids visualize the body’s systems and organs. It’s like dress-up but for learning the human body.



My First Microscope- Little ones can see a hidden world with ease with the two extra-large eyepieces and a focusing knob.



Kids First Science Laboratory Kit- Developed for preschoolers and kindergartners. Includes 24 tools, a parent guide, and 10 illustrated experiment cards.



Splashology Water Lab Science Kit- Explore volume, buoyancy, and more with this wet and wild water science kit! Seven hands-on experiments printed on waterproof cards. The durable plastic construction allows for endless experiment fun.


Dino Egg Kit- This kit comes with 12 different dinosaurs for kids to dig out and learn about. Once your child digs all the dinos out they can play with them.



Play Scientist Costume- Every scientist needs their own costume! It comes with a lab coat and adjustable glasses for your child to be an official scientist.



Awesome Science Experiments for Kids in the Kitchen- Have the kids help you make the food and then the best part- eating it! So much to learn about food science.




There are so many easy, fun science activities that you can do with your toddlers and preschoolers. It’s great seeing their gears turning and their excitement for learning, especially when they are also having fun. Learning by playing and exploring will never go out of style.

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