10 Must-Haves for At-Home Workouts

Let’s discuss the 10 must-haves for at-home workouts so that you will be on your way to crushing all of your fitness goals.

From equipment to supplements, and everything in between, these must-have items will have you ready for your at-home workouts. Bye-bye excuses and hello healthy lifestyle!


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10 Must-Haves for At-Home Workouts


If you don’t have any dumbbells already, a whole set like this is a great option. I absolutely love the neoprene dumbbells as they are easier to hold with sweaty hands and they come in awesome colors. You can customize your set based on what weights you need and prefer.


Resistance Loops



Resistance loops, also known as resistance bands, are a great workout tool to have on hand. You can develop results quicker using the bands as they give an extra boost to toning. Different resistance levels for each colored band.


Workout Mat

Having a good, non-slip workout mat is important for extra stability and comfort, especially if you have hard floors. There are a lot of types to choose from, from thickness to color, and more. This is a great nonslip, affordable option, and easily portable.


Protein Shake


protein shakes

If you find a great protein, like this one, you will be energized and get all of the nutrients that you need. There are a lot of protein shakes on the market, but they don’t all have amazing benefits and nutrients. You can find a lot of pretty awesome tasting shake recipes online too. Make sure you have a couple of shaker bottles on hand!




If you’re too sore from your workouts, it’s even harder to stick to your program consistently. This stuff tastes absolutely amazing-sort of like chocolate milk. You would never guess that it’s a supplement! Drink this after a workout to aid in muscle recovery and muscle growth.


Training Shoes 

A good pair of training shoes are a great addition to your at-home workouts. These trainers from Under Armour are comfortable and stylish, and they do their job well. Snug, comfortable fit that provides extra stability.



Maybe common sense, maybe not. If you’re going to be sweating it out at home, you’ll want some extra towels on hand. This is a great set and affordable too. Just keep them in a different spot on their own, use them, and throw them in the laundry.


Water Bottle


I absolutely love this water bottle. It actually motivates me to drink more water since it has the lines and time of day to track how much I am drinking. The cute unicorn and quote just add to the awesomeness. 24 ounces, 100% BPA free. Also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.



beachbody step

A workout step can come in handy for several types of workouts. It is a great, sturdy tool to help with toning. And hey, you can use it to reach high-up items around the house too! Has a flat, nonslip surface and is adjustable for two height levels.


Workout Program

So you have all 10 must-haves for at-home workouts and now is the most important. You need a workout program that motivates you and that you can stick with. I have tried several workout programs myself, from free to paid, and this is by far my favorite. You have accountability and a motivational family.

Access to an entire virtual library of workouts for all fitness levels. From yoga to boxing to dance- and everything in between! I have gotten amazing results with this program and I highly recommend it.

fit coach


Wrapping It Up- Must-Haves for At-Home Workouts

There you have it, the 10 must-haves for at-home workouts. Now go get excited and take back your health and happiness! Working out at home is such a great way to get into a healthy routine. Exercising at home saves you time and money, plus it’s more comfortable to work out at your own home. Bye-bye gym fees, germs, and crowds!

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