PE at Home: 10 Easy Homeschool PE Ideas

Many of us have started at least part-time homeschooling in recent months. I have started my fifth-grade son in homeschool full-time since the pandemic because virtual wasn’t working well for us. We are using a curriculum, however, it doesn’t include fun (and needed) activities such as PE/physical education. Hello, 10 easy homeschool PE ideas!

I bought one of those foam dice things that had different workouts on it and I was SO excited. I thought, oh yeah, I’m the fun mom!  This is gonna be so great! Yeah, well, it wasn’t. At all. The dice had some complicated workouts as well as too many workouts on them. Needless to say, it was a FAIL.

So, I have done a lot of research (and pinning) and compiled this awesome list of PE activities for kids at home. These can be used for homeschool, summer breaks, or anytime really. Without further ado, let’s get to it.


PE at Home: 10 Easy Homeschool PE Ideas


Cosmic Kids Yoga

An amazing online program that, well, teaches kids yoga. They offer a free version and a subscription option, class plans, an easy access app, and so much more. What a cool website to keep kiddos active.


Kids & Family Collection

Physical Education for the whole family! If you’re into fitness yourself and already have Beachbody, there’s a family and kids workout section! So, if you want kid-friendly workouts, you can easily find plenty of them. If you don’t have a Beachbody on Demand membership, you can check it out here.


Sanford Fit

This program has free materials for lessons for kids grades K-2 and 3-5. There are printable activities, downloadable slides, and everything that you’ll need to teach health and fitness to your kids. This is a great resource for regular, teaching-style homeschool PE.


Let’s Move

This site is a great resource for health and getting kids active. Full of tips and advice for everything health and fitness related for your kids and for parents too. Make getting active and educated fun for the whole family!



Draw up hopscotch with sidewalk chalk or outline one if you don’t have concrete. There are many easy ways to make an outline so that you can play inside or outdoors, with or without the traditional chalk and concrete style game.


Physical Activity Jar

Come up with fun physical activity ideas for the kids. Then write them on pieces of paper and put them in a jar. Now you’ll always have a fun PE activity to do with the children.


Go for a Walk

Nothing beats a little bit of fresh air. Walking is something that we can always easily do. Add in a fun scavenger hunt while you’re out and about to make it even more interesting.


Freeze Tag

This classic game never seems to get old for kids. Just like a regular tag game, except whoever is “It” and tags you, you freeze until someone is able to unfreeze you. Move and you’re out!


Simon Says

Another fun classic game that kids absolutely love to play. Simply pick a person to be “Simon,” and everyone has to do what Simon says. As they mess up, players get eliminated. Whoever is the final player wins and gets to be Simon next. This game is especially hilarious with younger kids, they get a kick out of it.



Turn all of those dreaded outside chores into fun! Make a race or reward the hard workers with a cool prize. A great way to take care of chores and physical education- while having fun! Keep a cozy lawn chair handy so that you can relax while the kids enjoy doing their chores.


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I hope that you and your kiddos enjoy these fun and easy homeschool PE ideas as much as my kids and I do. Who knew that physical education at home could be so easy and so much fun?! Plus a great way to knock out yardwork chores, sign me up. Sound off in the comments if you have other fun and easy homeschool PE activity ideas, I’d love to hear from you!

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