8 Awesome Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Temperatures are dropping, the cold and rainy days have set in. Hello, winter! With the anxiousness and stress of holidays and family time, it can be easy to fall into a bit of depression. Especially if you’re missing loved ones during the holidays. Here are 8 awesome ways to beat the winter blues!

8 Awesome Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

1. Self-Care

When we hear the term self-care, we usually think it’s just something simple like a face mask or bubble bath. But self-care is so much more than that and it is so necessary. When you have a spouse and kids and pets and housework, etcetera, etcetera, it becomes harder and harder to find time to yourself.

Set aside at least one hour every few days to spend on YOU. Relax and enjoy the quiet time. Unwind with a bubble bath or try some meditation. If cooking or baking relaxes you, take the time to make something new or an old favorite, in the kitchen. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, just make sure that you set aside time for yourself regularly.

Some of my favorite items for practicing self-care:

Fabfitfun Subscription Box  This box is AWESOME. It is a quarterly subscription and you get to customize items and shop special members-only sales throughout the year. Includes self-care items, home items, jewelry, fitness and beauty, and so much more!

Ladyboss Protein Shake If you want protein that tastes delicious, look no further. My personal favorite flavors are Strawberry Shortcake and Brownie Batter. Good news, you can order those and several other flavors at any time now! You can also pick up some yummy Protein Bars on the site. These shakes are great with almond milk and work as a snack or a meal replacement.

2. Exercise

It can be hard to find time or motivation to work out, especially in the cold and dreary winter months. But exercise will help to keep your mood up and you’ll feel better, especially if you stick with it. Aim to work out around 30 minutes each day. It’s a small price to pay for all the benefits you’ll receive!

If you’re looking for your next workout program, I highly recommend Beach Body. You can join and be part of a supportive accountability group and there are even options to earn income and get discounts on products that you already use! You also get access to an entire virtual library of workouts that you can do at home with little equipment and most workouts are around 30 minutes a day.


3. Retail Therapy

This may be one of my favorite ways to kick the winter blues! It can be a problem, however, if you don’t shop responsibly. By this I mean don’t go racking up tons of credit card balances and things of that nature. Put aside a little money throughout the month, then find yourself something special and reward yourself for all of your hard work for being absolutely awesome.

Amazon makes this easier than ever. I also enjoy shopping online at Target, Temu, and Zulily. Target has pretty fast shipping and Zulily has amazing prices on everything. Many of their items take a while to ship out, but it’s totally worth it for the savings.

4. Learn Something New

If you find yourself bored or burnt out from the same day-to-day tasks, try your hand at learning something new! You can take a virtual class for just about any topic these days. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn a new language, how to sew, or even how to start a blog! The options are endless and you can also find a lot of free video tutorials and courses on the amazing web.

I recommend starting with Pinterest to get ideas and inspiration if you aren’t exactly sure what you want to learn. Youtube is great for video tutorials on just about everything. If you enjoy reading, see if Amazon Kindle has any books you’d enjoy reading to learn about a new topic.

5. Take a Mini Vacation

If you have a little extra money and want to do something different, take a mini-vacation! It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant and overly expensive. Try finding a place somewhat nearby on Airbnb, and then tour that area. Or just stay inside and chill out. It’s always a lot more fun visiting someplace new and recharging for a day or two. You’ll be ready to kick butt with your to-do’s after your little getaway.

6. Give Back

Helping others is a great way to bring joy to yourself and to them. You can donate to a favorite charity or volunteer your time. If you’re low on funds and time, doing something as simple as grabbing groceries for an elder neighbor will suffice. Or make Christmas cards and send them to the local nursing home for residents who don’t have loved ones around.

You can also send virtual cards to sick children online at hospitals such as St. Jude. The kids really enjoy receiving a card just for them and it brightens their day. Here are other ways to give back. 

give back

7. Reach out to Family and Friends

If your family and friends are far away or you’re not able to visit, keep in touch with them through phone and Zoom calls. Just a simple text or call with a loved one can turn your day around. And it’s nice for them to know that you were thinking of them too. If you’re more old school, you could even send a letter via snail mail. It’s always fun receiving mail and real letters from our loved ones.

8. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

This is a biggie and it’s one that I’ve always struggled with. Ask for help!! If you’re exhausted and overwhelmed and just need a little break, ask for it! I’ve come to learn that my husband and mother are more than willing to watch the kiddos and give me a break if I just ask. They are not mind readers so they don’t magically think, oh wow she needs help right now.

If you’re stressed or tired or just need a little break, don’t be afraid to ask for help. 9 times out of 10, someone is more than willing (and happy) to help you. The more notice that you can give the better, but if you don’t ask then you will never know. We all need a break every now and then.

Wrapping It Up

Don’t worry if you get sad or a little down during the winter, these 8 awesome ways to beat the winter blues will have you feeling happier in no time. Here’s some related reading that I think you will enjoy. How to Survive (and Enjoy) the Holidays.

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