10 Must-Have Baby Items

Baby items change as the years go by. Some things are recalled and others are newly released or improved. Here’s a great list of  10 must-have baby items that you should definitely check out. Mom’s life is the best, most tiring yet rewarding, life that there is. Planning for a baby, or purchasing for a baby who’s already here, can be so much fun.

It can also be daunting and more of a task if you are short on time, have other kids, or just get overwhelmed at all of the different products on the market today for babies. Budget is also a big factor, and I believe these items will stay well within your budget as they are affordable and of good quality. This list has tried and true products that I just know you and your baby will love. There’s even something for dad!

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10 Must-Have Baby Items

As a mother of multiple children, I have researched and tried just about all the baby items out there throughout the years. Here is my list of the 10 Must-Have Baby Items:

1. Dr. Browns Options Bottles

These bottles are my favorite, I used them with all of my babies. Yes, there are more parts to clean, but the bottles greatly reduce baby spitting up and I never had any issues with them. If I have one last babe, I will definitely use Dr. Brown’s bottles again.


2. Wubbanub 

Oh, how I wish this was around when I had my first baby! It has the paci type that so many babies love and there are many adorable plush critter buddies to choose from. Babies love the paci and the stuffed buddy, it’s a win-win for everyone. Plus you can’t beat the price for a plush and paci combo.


3. Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Swing

 Not only is this swing absolutely adorable, but it’s also easy to fold up to put away or take on vacation or to grandma’s house. The cradle is so soft and cozy, babies love just chilling out in this swing and watching the lights and animals on the mobile, almost as much as they love sleeping in it. Fisher-Price is a well-known, wonderful brand for babies’ and kids’ products.



4. Skip Hop Moonlight and Melodies Nightlight Baby Sleep Soother

 This is an absolute must-have! I have tried other sound machines and they just didn’t match up. With four melodies and four white noise sounds to choose from, there’s a sound to soothe all babies. The volume and the nightlight brightness are adjustable. There’s also a projector that has lots of cute little stars for the baby to look at. All of my babies have loved this little owl well into toddlerhood. My two-year-old daughter absolutely loves looking at the stars each night when she lays down and we turn it on.

5. Nest Cam 

The video quality of this camera is so much clearer than other indoor cameras and monitors that I have tried. I love that there is an app to set up movement notifications as well as a temperature reading of the room that the baby is in. You can talk to the baby through your phone app. Great quality camera, a great investment for that security and peace of mind. As a bonus, once the baby is older you could use the camera for home security.


6. The Honest Company Organic All-Purpose Balm

This stuff is ah-mazing! It is all-natural, with no harmful ingredients. And it works like a charm! The diaper rash is quickly healed with this balm. It also helps soothe and treat eczema and other skin rashes. The Honest Company is a fantastic, reputable, and all-natural brand for babies, homes, and beauty.


7. Arms Reach Mini Ezee 2-in-1 Co-Sleeper Bassinet 

A great bassinet that is available in several stylish designs. The mini can attach to your bed, with adjustable poles sold separately. You can also use the bassinet freestanding and it’s easy to transport from room to room. This bassinet lasted until my baby was two years old. Perfect for vacations, visiting the grandparents, and at home.


8. Lillebaby All Seasons 6-in-1 Baby Carrier

Not only is this baby carrier totally functional, but it also comes in so many different adorable designs. Keep baby cool or warm with this versatile carrier.


9. Chicco Keyfit Infant Carseat

 You have to bring the baby home in a car seat, so why not choose the safest? I adore this car seat, Chicco is a very reputable brand and known for its safe car seats. Lasted for two babies and it was still in great condition. Easy to install, removable cover for cleaning. Several different style options to choose from. An amazing price considering the quality and comfort of the car seat.


10. Diaper Bag for Mom 

I’ve had many diaper bags over the years, and the JuJuBe Be Right Back is by far my favorite. It’s roomy, comes with a changing pad, more than enough compartments for organizing, insulated bottle areas, and lots of cute design options. This diaper backpack will last several years and through several babies.


Bonus: Diaper Bag for Dad

How I wish the ActiveDoodie Diaper Bag Backpack was around when I had my babies! My husband would absolutely love this bag. It has a tactical military look to it, it is very manly. Velcro patches, stroller straps, insulated bottle holder. This backpack is a dream for any dad.


I hope that you find this list of Must-Have Baby Items- helpful in your baby gear journey. It can be overwhelming at times, but remember that it can also be a fun, enjoyable experience finding baby gear and items. Good luck and congratulations on your bundle of joy! Embrace it, mama, it goes all too quickly.


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