The Secret of Water Features for Stress Relief

The secret of water features for stress relief. We all have stress at some point in life or another and some experience it way more than others. We spend time and money trying to figure out ways to combat the stress.

A little-known secret to many- water features can greatly improve your stress levels. You don’t have to spend millions of dollars to have a nice water feature to enjoy-the options are endless.

Main Types of Water Features:


stone bubbler

Container water gardens

water garden

Koi/goldfish ponds

koi pond




How Do I Know Which Water Feature is Right for Me?

Money and space are two very important factors when choosing a water feature. Each feature has its own set of benefits. Water features add a lot to your garden or yard and help beautify the area.

Bubblers are relaxing to watch and have a peaceful sound. There are many options for bubbler size and design.

Container water gardens are fun because they are low maintenance and you can arrange them how you wish. There are several plants and decor options for container water gardens.

One of my favorite stress relievers is a koi or goldfish pond. A goldfish pond doesn’t have to be large, it can be as small as 200 gallons and work perfectly for the goldfish. Koi ponds, on the other hand, need to be at least 2000 gallons for the koi to thrive and live properly.

You can add a fountain, statue, and other fun additions to your pond. Picking out and stocking the fish is probably the best part. The sight of beautiful fish and the pond water sounds are extremely relaxing.

Waterfalls are nice if you have space for one. The aesthetics waterfalls have are simply amazing and can add so much to your home or garden. The sound of natural water flowing puts one at peace.

Now you know the secret of water features for stress relief. If you’re ready for the ultimate stress reliever, contact your local pond supplier/installer today and get started on your dream water feature. Stress relief and relaxation are a call away!

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