Thrift Shopping

Thrift Shopping

In this day in age thrift shopping is pretty popular. Vintage items are becoming more popular than ever. There was a time before when many children would be embarrassed to wear thrift store clothing and even get picked on for it.

Sure there are still some of those cases today. But for the most part, many people enjoy a bargain find for themselves and for their kids, kids go through clothing and sizes quickly. And of course, you can find a wide variety of items from home decor and books to toys and outdoor equipment and even more.


In-Store Thrift Shops

Two of the well-known thrift stores include Goodwill and Salvation Army. I personally enjoy finding local, less known shops to support. I find that they donate to great causes and that a large portion of my purchase truly does go to those causes.

You can find thrift stores by driving around or more convenient way, Google and Facebook. Most stores these days have an online listing of some sort.


Online Thrift Shops

As far as online thrift shopping goes, I haven’t found a store that just blows me away with amazing finds. I have been using Swap for the longest time, and it seems the selection has gone down over the years. One pretty cool thing with Swap, however, is that you can sell your old or unused stuff for money pretty easily with them.

A popular online thrift store is ThredUp. I have seen a lot of online advertisements for this site over the years, I just haven’t actually tried it out myself.

Online thrift stores aren’t where they should be, in my opinion. I feel that there should be several more options and large selections of items. As of yet, I haven’t found the perfect online thrift store.


So Is In-store or Online Best?

At the end of the day, a lot of this has to do with personal preference. Normally I enjoy online shopping for most things because one I have toddlers that make shopping in person nearly impossible and two when I shop in person half the time I don’t find what I was set out to get anyway.

But as far as thrifting, I enjoy in-person shopping more. It’s like a treasure hunt, you really never know what you might stumble across. Plus no shipping fees, especially on heavier items such as furniture that you may find and fall in love with.

If thrift sites continue growing and adding more variety and options, I will probably start to lean towards them, but, for now, I will enjoy my in-store thrift hunts.


Other Online Sites to Save Money

Asides from thrifting, there are lots of stores that you can find great deals at. In-store shops to save money that I like are Biglots and Burkes.

Now for stores that save money, my online list is a bit longer. These sites include:


Zulily is probably my favorite store to save money. They have new items daily, and a very large selection. Women’s clothing and accessories, kid’s clothes, shoes for the family, home items, toys, and more. Name brand items as well at a fraction of the cost of other places.

I can only think of two cons with Zulily:

  1. They (almost) never offer free shipping.
  2. Many items take several weeks to ship out (but many items are available right away, they will have a rocket icon).

Light In The Box

I enjoy using Light in the Box for clothing. The only con is that regular shipping times are pretty slow, as in around a month slow. If you’re okay with waiting, the items are worth it.

Temu- Great quality products at amazing prices. Plus, play in-app games and earn free stuff.


Wish is great for hard-to-find items, somewhat “knockoff.” For example, I ordered my son a Fortnite pillowcase and comforter for less than twenty bucks. The only cons are, shipping time is very slow (as in over a month) and the comforter was very thin and obviously not the highest quality.

Now did my son care how thin the comforter is? Of course not! It’s Fortnite so he’s happy. I have ordered several other items on Wish, but I have never been completely dissatisfied with them. They have a lot to offer, just remember as with most things, you do get what you pay for.

Time to Save

Now that you have this thrifting and saving store list, I hope you’re ready to go out and find some amazing things for yourself and your family. The best part is saving money while getting deals!

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