15 New Mom Gifts to Let Her Know You Care

When it comes to a new baby, everyone always wants to get something for him/her. But what about the mother? Here are some expecting or new mom gifts to tell her how much you care. She will appreciate the thought of her during this exciting and tiring journey of life. Lastly, treat her to something just for her, not all about the baby as she will have enough gifts for the baby.


Gift Ideas for New Moms


New Mom Relaxing Gift Basket– She will enjoy relaxing with these items before and after delivery. Hello pampering.


New Mama Affirmation Cards– Becoming a new mom can be scary as there are so many unknowns. Thus, give her the confidence that she can do this with these cards.


Morse Code Inspirational Bracelet– This is such a cute way to show a friend that she’s amazing and she’s got this.


Mama Bear Hat– New mom gifts she will adore should include this hat. Cute and stylish, also available in different colors.


Wine Glass– If she enjoys wine, this glass is a must-have gift idea for new moms.


Bump Boxes– This box is a great gift idea for new moms and expecting moms. She will find several third-trimester and beyond items that will no doubt come in handy.


Cocoa Butter Set– She will enjoy pampering her skin with this Palmer’s Cocoa Butter set. Includes tightening body lotion, body oil, nursing butter, and bust cream. Certainly all the new mom skincare essentials.


Slippers– I have these Dearfoam slippers and they are so comfy! Adorable and long-lasting, treat her aching feet to these cute slippers. Easy to throw in the washing machine when they need a cleaning.


Shower Steamers– She won’t be able to take a bath for a bit after birth. However, she can enjoy these relaxing shower steamers. Give her a mini escape during shower time.


Yummy Coffee– Grab her a bag of coffee or a pack of K-cups to show you care. She will need all the caffeine that she can get.


Night Lights– Make her nights easier with a couple of night lights. Late-night feeding and changing sessions will be easier when she can see better while she’s half asleep.


Peace & Calming Essential Oil– She can unwind and relax a bit with this essential oil. It’s also safe to diffuse around kids and pets. Young Living essential oils are among the best out there. I have used them for several years and it’s the essential oil brand for me.


Pajama Set– Get her a comfy pajama set that she will love to wear. Bonus- it is nursing friendly.


Silk Pillowcase– She will rest peacefully the moment her head is able to hit the pillow. The silk pillowcase also keeps frizz at bay, sparing her bad hair days.


Amazon Gift Card in a Premium Box– This is a perfect gift if you’re stumped for ideas. She can buy what she needs or wants and have it delivered. Also, the premium box designs are beautiful.


Summing up, an amazing list of gift ideas for new moms and expecting moms. Furthermore, show her how much you care about her with these gift ideas. Having a baby is a huge deal, let her know that she is not forgotten in the happiness of a new baby. Which gift do you like the most?

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