Workout Clothes That Will Inspire You to Exercise

There are some people out there who live for exercise. No matter how tired or irritated they are, they still get that daily workout in. If you’re anything like me, I’m not one of those people. And that’s okay! It takes more motivation and will to get me to commit to working out. Workout clothes that inspire you to exercise are actually legit!

I don’t know about you, but I love shopping, mainly online. And just the excitement to buy new things makes me more motivated. And if I just spent money on this new sports bra set, best believe that I am more inclined to go exercise. Here are some workout clothes that will inspire you to exercise!

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Adidas Sports Bra

One of the top brands of workout clothes, for a reason. You can’t go wrong with this Adidas sports bra. They have a variety of colors and styles. They offer amazing support.

adidas sports bra


Adidas Leggings

These are seriously the comfiest pair of leggings that I own. And they cost less than 30 bucks! I definitely want more and in different styles. The sports bra in the picture is from the Victoria’s Secret Pink collection. No padding, it doesn’t provide a huge amount of support.

adidas leggings


Actloe Women Sport Athletic Workout Set Printed Crop Top with Capri Leggings

How cute is this leopard print set?? For less than $40 you can be stylish and cozy in this workout top AND matching leggings.

atcloe workout set


P.E. Nation Sports Bra

Okay, so this one is a bit pricey. But it is so freaking cute! Another cool thing is POSITIVELY CONSCIOUS: This product is made with a material widely recognized as being better for the planet, so you can be confident you are choosing positively.

P.E. Nation Sports Bra


MNY Performance Mixed Media Active Legging

These stylish mesh cutout leggings will work great at the gym or while on the go.

mny leggings


Puma Classic T7 Women’s Shorts

Puma is a great brand and their workout clothes are stylish and comfy. They also have amazing prices.

Puma Women's Shorts


IcyZone Workout Tank Tops 3 Pack

Made of lightweight, sweat-wicking material. These tank tops hang loosely for a relaxed feel.

ColorfulKoala Women’s High Waisted Leggings

Camo is one of my absolute favorite prints! It goes with just about anything and looks so awesome. You can choose from several different prints of these leggings. High-waisted is another favorite of mine.


Under Armour Play Up 2.0 Shorts

Everyone needs a pair of Under Armour shorts in their drawer. Sweat-wicking and quick dry. The best part with these, pockets!


Running Girl Strappy Sports Bra

What a cute sports bra! Perfect for home, the gym, and yoga workouts. Moisture-wicking fabric and available in several different colors. Push-up design with removable pads.


SexyShine Women’s 2 Piece Workout Set

Wow, after coming across this outfit, I am going to need to order one (or a few) for myself! So stylish and many prints available. These are great for working out or for leisurewear.


Oyanus Summer Workout Top

Soft and smooth with a silky luster and feel. Quick dry and available in several different colors.


Always Hungry Crop Tank 

This totally resonates with me. Made of soft and breathable fabric.


High Waist Cutout Ripped Leggings

I’m going to have to snag a pair of these for myself. High wasted, slimming, and shaping, and they have awesome ripped cutouts. These leggings would go great working out or just running errands.

Wrapping It Up

There are so many workout brands available and so many styles and options for workout clothes these days. Make sure to not just purchase based on a name brand. Read the description, try it on if possible, and read reviews when available. You want to rock your workout and your workout wear should compliment that.

Some workout clothes (just like casual clothes) are worth a hefty price tag because of the brand and what they stand for. But sometimes you can find a much cheaper version that will work just as well. If you feel cute and confident in it, rock it! What you wear can help you achieve your health goals.

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  1. Karin Sutton says:

    So, so, so cute! I would end up wearing these everywhere and everyday!

  2. Hailey says:

    I love these! Especially the sets. I’m a big believer in that if you look good when you workout, you’ll have a better workout!

  3. Lexi says:

    So many cute workout clothes! You can never go wrong with an under armour sports bra! My favorite brand for those!

  4. Anna Bruder says:

    Those shorts are awesome! And yes, I too need that always hungry shirt.

  5. Carista says:

    I HATE working out but these clothing items are so cute! I love the animal print set! What a good deal!

  6. All are pretty. I think I need to get myself some of these. I have less motivation to workout these days. I’m more into brisk walking these days. I just want to look are more greens.

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