10 Healthy Women Goals

We all want to be healthy and strive to live a better life. But the truth is, being busy and stress can really make that a tough objective to achieve. It’s easier to grab junk food and go than it is to prepare a healthy snack. And after a long day of work or taking care of the kids, working out is the last thing we want to do. That’s why these 10 Healthy Women Goals are a great start to your new lifestyle.

The main parts of living a healthy lifestyle are conditioning your mind and creating new healthy habits. Setting goals and trying your best to stick to them will help these new habits to form and before you know it, you’ll be on the path that you want to be.


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10 Healthy Women Goals

Healthy Meals

This doesn’t have to be crazy expensive or stressful. Start small, plan a healthy dinner for each night of the week. Try replacing a snack or lunch with a protein shake. Once you get the hang of preparing your healthy weeknight meals, you can start meal prepping. Pinterest has tons of ideas and inspiration when you’re ready and just starting out.


Cut out Fast-Food

It’s tough to do this when you’re on-the-go or tired and really don’t feel like cooking. When the fast-food cravings really strike, have a shake or a smoothie instead. Shaker bottles are not expensive at all. Find a good protein that you enjoy and some almond milk. Put them in the shaker bottle and you’re good to go!

My personal favorite protein is Lady Boss Lean. The cake flavor legit tastes like cake, yet it’s healthy! If you join the Lady Boss club you receive special discounts and are first to know about limited flavor drops. I’ve tried their peanut butter cup and it was also amazing. They have a lot of different flavors and a great, supportive community.


Drink More Water

We should all strive to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Depending on your weight and height, you may need more water than that but the 8 glasses is a great starting point on your health journey. Water keeps us hydrated, promotes clear skin, and keeps our bodies running smoothly. What helped me to start drinking more water was purchasing a cute water bottle with time labels to help me track how much I have drunk.



This is a tough one for me to commit and stick to. I will always do great for a few days then stop for a while. That’s where it’s key to keep going to form the new habit. You can start off with 30 minutes a day a couple of times a week of HIIT workouts or basic workouts. Add in a walk two days a week and you’re set! Once you have this regimen down, increase your workout times as you go along.

If you enjoy a scheduled workout program with a supportive community, I recommend Body Boss. I really enjoy their program and you can see everyone else’s progress and results on their private Facebook community page. Women are constantly motivating each other and it’s a great program all in all. They also include meal plans so that’s awesome too.


Get Plenty of Sleep

Make sure to get at least 8 hours of shut-eye each night. I like to go to bed earlier than I plan to sleep so that I can start resting and have a bit to watch tv or check things on my phone. It helps me wind down before I turn everything off and go to snooze town. I received a weighted eye mask in my Fab Fit Fun box, and I highly recommend trying one for your healthy women goals.


Practice Self-Care

A lot of people don’t associate self-care with health and fitness posts, but it really does mesh with it. If you are constantly burnt out and don’t take time for yourself, then you won’t have the desire to eat healthily or workout. I enjoy a nice hot bath with a good book or magazine and a glass of wine. Face masks and pampering my skin after the baths also feel absolutely amazing. There are so many options for self-care, just make sure to do them at least every few days. It can be as extravagant as an hour-long candlelit bath or as simple as reading a book for a few minutes.


Take a Daily Vitamin

It’s important to find a good multivitamin and take it each day. Even more so if you forget to eat healthily, it helps give your body the minerals and vitamins that it needs and is lacking. Don’t substitute a vitamin for healthy eating 24/7 as a vitamin is not going to give all of the benefits that actual food will.


Deal With Stress

This is a big one. Don’t let everyday stress build up until it pushes you to your breaking point. Practice meditating or just lying in bed quietly for a few minutes each day to decompress so that stress doesn’t bother you as much as it would otherwise. Relaxing Epsom salt baths before bed are a great way to relieve stress. Don’t depend on alcohol or other temporary ways to deal with stress as those can make it worse in the long run.



Create a Budget

Money is a big stressor and can have negative side effects on our overall well being. Creating a monthly budget will help you keep your bills in order so that you don’t have to stress over money so much. It also shows you where you can spend each month and on what, and how to save money as well.


Be Happy

I think that this should be a goal of all people, every day. We tend to let small things get in our way of being happy. Reflect on all the amazing things that you have accomplished and of all the people who care about you. Take a walk outside and appreciate the beauty in nature. It doesn’t take much to just be happy. Love yourself, because you are worth it.

Once you start being happy your healthy women goals and habits will stick much easier and quicker. Some days it’s easier said than done, we all have bad days, after all, we’re only human. But try to always look on the positive side of things, and the bigger picture.

be happy


Wrapping It Up

There you have it folks, 10 healthy women goals that will never go out of style. Once you practice, it will be easier to implement new habits and reach your goals. If you fail a time or two, just start again fresh the next day. There is always tomorrow and you deserve to be happy.


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