90’s Throwback: Lisa Frank Birthday Party

I just recently celebrated my 31st birthday and I knew for quite a while that I wanted a Lisa Frank party! Yes, I was born in that wonderful era where I got to enjoy the stickers, beads, and more- Lisa Frank galore! So I planned my party and picked out my cake. My wonderful husband thought it a great idea to buy (and fill) over 300 balloons- quite the decorations I must say, and quite the cleanup.

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I served delicious recipes that I found on Pinterest and have made before. There was a fruit tray, buffalo chicken dip, bacon-wrapped little smokies, ham and cheese sliders, and of course, cake and ice cream. Yummy!


Lisa Frank Birthday Cake

The cake could not have turned out any cuter! Plus everything on it was edible, including doughnuts! The local baker that I have used for years created the cake for me. Tip Top Cakeshop located in Easley, SC.



I ordered cute Lisa Frank party supplies and decorations off of Amazon. They have the best deals.  My husband ordered all of the (many) balloons and an air pump off of Amazon as well.


Lisa Frank party


goody bags  I used these cute little bags for goody bags for younger kiddos that came to the party.


Leopard Jumper  Found this adorable leopard jumper on Amazon as well.



Wrapping It Up

My Lisa Frank party turned out totally cute. I wish that I had pictures of all of the balloons! You can easily plan a party that doesn’t break the bank, and I recommend Amazon! The most expensive cost of the party was the cake and then the food. Which of course, you can choose your own menus.

I’ve always enjoyed party planning and decorating. The next party that I get to plan is my son’s paintball party in September. We won’t actually be playing paintball, but the cake is going to have a paintball gun on it because he loves paintball guns and wants to play when he is a little bit older. I will come up with some fun activities for the kids to do during the party.


Lisa Frank party


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