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Ditch the Diets: Determined to find Healthy Ways to Lose Weight Quick?

You’ve heard the term diet all of your life. Whether positively, have a healthy diet, or a negative manner, don’t stray from this particular diet! Diet is a word that is here to stay. Unfortunately, diet is a negative word for many as it leads to programs that get our hopes up and let us down […]


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11 Healthy Ways to Detox Your Body Quickly

We’ve all heard about body detox or cleanse at some point or another, but what exactly is a body detox? Body detox is a way to eliminate toxins from the body. Some ways that people detox or cleanse are more harmful than they are helpful. Read on for 11 healthy ways to detox your body. […]



Winter Workout Motivation– Become Your Best You

Winter workout motivation can be tough. It’s crazy to believe that it’s nearly wintertime already. These past few months have flown by! For many, it’s the least likely time to work out but it’s actually a great time to start a winter workout and become your best version of yourself. Winter exercise doesn’t have to […]


i won't stop

I Won’t Stop

For the past few years, as hard as it is to admit, I have started to let myself go. From four pregnancies and the loss of a child, my body and mind have been through hell and back. I won’t stop.   Starting to feel my clothes getting tighter and only feeling comfortable in high-waisted […]


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Losing Weight- The Ultimate Guide

If you’re anything like me and a lot of others out there, you may be unhappy with your current weight and energy level. Maybe it’s the weight that you’ve always carried, or you gained from having a child, or even the quarantine of 15 pounds. As we age, it gets harder to lose weight and […]