11 Healthy Ways to Detox Your Body Quickly

We’ve all heard about body detox or cleanse at some point or another, but what exactly is a body detox? Body detox is a way to eliminate toxins from the body. Some ways that people detox or cleanse are more harmful than they are helpful. Read on for 11 healthy ways to detox your body.


11 Healthy Ways to Detox Your Body


  1. Drink Water

drink water for detox

Start each day with a glass of water with lemon to get your digestive system started and to energize your cells. Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day as well to keep your body hydrated. It is so important to keep hydrated so that your body is able to flush out toxins.


  1. Eat More Fresh Foods

healthy foods for detox

Trade-in processed foods for healthier fruits and veggies as well as nuts and seeds. These foods will aid your body in the nutrients that it needs to help properly detox. You will ensure that your body is getting all of the nutrients that it needs  each day, thus helping to detox and rid the body of toxins.


  1. Cut Out Sugar

cutout sugar for detox

Try to slowly cut out sugar- or at least dramatically cut back. Sugar makes us feel sluggish and isn’t helpful to our bodies. If you must indulge, try eating some fruit or a piece of dark chocolate, which are both good for you. When you start replacing the cravings with healthier options instead of junk food, it will be easier to kick bad sugars to the curb.


  1. Exercise

exercise to detox

Exercise is so important for body detox. It encourages circulation in the lymph system and increases blood flow, both of which enhance digestion. Try to get in at least 30 minutes of cardio or strength training several times a week. You can start small by walking each day, just start somewhere to get everything moving.


  1. Get Quality Sleep

get quality sleep for detox

We all know that getting enough sleep is important. But why is that you may ask? Our bodies repair and reboot while we sleep, so getting plenty of quality sleep is key for a healthy body detox. Try cutting out soda and caffeine in the afternoon, and relax with a bath and/or meditation before you crawl into bed.


  1. Limit Alcohol

limit alcohol to detox

When we ingest alcohol, our body thinks of it as a toxin. So our bodies will be busy eliminating the alcohol from our system instead of focusing on eliminating toxins from other foods and drinks. They will be on the back burner. There’s nothing wrong with a couple of glasses of wine a week or a couple of beers, just try not to overdo it and stick to simpler drinks without all of the sugars and extra ingredients.


  1. Take Supplements

supplements for detox

It’s a great idea to take a daily multivitamin in general. And if you feel that you aren’t getting enough of the key nutrients that your body needs, it’s a good idea to see your doctor. There are many supplements that can aid in providing your body with those nutrients that it lacks. A doctor can perform a simple blood test to diagnose if you have any deficiencies and help you to make the best decision for supplements for your body.


  1. Use Natural Products

natural products for detox

Whether it’s beauty or cleaning products, try to use natural products whenever you can. This prevents our bodies from being exposed to unwanted toxins from chemicals in these harsh products. Honest has a variety of amazing health, beauty, and cleaning products that are safe and all-natural at an affordable price.


  1. Avoid Quick Fix Promises

avoid quick fix detox

Juice cleanses, magical slimming tea, detox in 24 hours to lose all the weight, etcetera… Many of these are considered “quick fixes” and they can sometimes be more harmful to your body than good. It’s important to do your research and/or discuss with your doctor before you try an extreme detox or something that sounds too good to be true.


  1. Think Positive

think positive for detox

To think positive is to detox the mind which in turn helps to detox the body. With positive thoughts, you’re helping your body to emotionally and physically detox in a healthy way. Healthy mind, healthy body. It’s much easier for us to achieve emotional and physical wellbeing when we have positive thoughts rather than negative thoughts.


  1. Increase Fiber

increase fiber to detox

Increasing your fiber helps to flush toxins out of your digestive system. If we do not consume enough fiber, bile is circulated throughout our system repeatedly and picks up even more toxins, which can lead to a host of issues that we should try to avoid. Some great choices to get your daily fiber include strawberries, avocados, bananas, carrots, kale, peas, and pistachios.


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