Why I Decided to Become a Beachbody Coach

Since you have stumbled upon this article, you have probably heard about being a Beachbody coach. There is a plethora of information and pros and cons of Beachbody coaching on the web. I want to share my personal experience and reasons with you that I made with my personal Beachbody coaching review.

First off, there is so much more to being a Beachbody coach than just selling products to people. If I recommend products or programs, it’s because I know that they work.


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What is a Beachbody coach?

So to be a Beachbody coach doesn’t mean that you have to have degrees or all of the knowledge in the world about health and fitness. What it does mean is that you practice a healthy lifestyle. Beachbody coach requirements are pretty simple and straightforward.

You are actively doing the Beachbody programs and utilizing their products to live your healthiest life. If you enjoy sharing your story and helping others, you’ll enjoy being a Beachbody Coach.



There are so many pros to becoming a Beachbody coach. Here are some of my favorite pros.

  • Discount on all products
  • Get to help others
  • Military and vets and their spouses have coach fees waived
  • Build a team and community of likeminded folks
  • Support others on their journey
  • If you decide it’s not for you, just cancel
  • Extra income
  • Work from home



As with everything in life, there are a few cons. However, these cons are simply small roadblocks that can easily be overcome.

  • Monthly fees (waived if military or veteran or spouse, a small price to pay for discounts)
  • Reaching out/marketing (this can be hard in the beginning because you may be unsure of what to say and do or be hesitant to approach others)


Will I Make Money?

This completely depends on what you decide to put into your business. If you sign up to coach just for discounts, you wouldn’t make an income of course. But if you actively market yourself and what you’re doing, you can easily start to make money from coaching. I just recently became a coach and I am currently working on my second sign-up.

So once others sign up under you or order under you, you make income. The more you work and grow your team, the more income you can make. Hard work pays off. Utilize social media to market your business and reach clients.


Some of the Perks

Being a Beachbody coach brings with it many perks. Including meeting new people and friends, helping others, and going through your journey with others (you’re not alone!). Also, I absolutely love the fact that I can make money by using programs and products that I would still utilize with or without getting paid. Beachbody has changed my outlook on working out and I want to share that with others.

Before starting Beachbody, I tried so many workout programs and nutrition plans, but I would get burnt out with them within a couple of weeks. I couldn’t find anything that kept me motivated for very long until I tried Beachbody. I went from being someone who absolutely hated working out to someone who has worked out nearly every single day for the past four months. It’s truly amazing.

Had someone told me before Beachbody that I would soon work out daily and enjoy it, I would have laughed so hard they would have thought I was crazy.


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I started on this journey because I tried a Beachbody workout program and fell in love with it. Back in the day, a few years ago, Beachbody programs were all on DVD. Well, I kept seeing tv commercials for Country Heat and thought it looked like fun so I ordered it. Go figure when I received the DVDs in the mail, I never even opened them, I just threw them to the side. One day after being fed up with weight gain and unhealthy habits, I decided to finally commit to and achieve my goals. I dug out those Country Heat DVDs and got started, and it was the best decision I ever made for my healthy lifestyle and fitness journey.

Beachbody still offers some programs for purchase on their site that are DVDs, but most of the programs are available for streaming. You can easily watch a workout on your phone, tablet, smart tv, computer, and more. No more excuses about not having a time or place to work out!

I think it’s awesome that I can share that with others and help them on their similar journeys. Being a Beachbody coach is a fun way to earn income while doing something that I already enjoy and using amazing products that fuel my body. It’s not about losing weight or selling products, it’s about living a healthy lifestyle.

I am so happy that I discovered Beachbody and decided to become a coach. It is truly a game-changer in my life and fitness journey/lifestyle. When you decide that you are ready to make that change, commit, and achieve results you’ve only ever dreamed of, reach out to me, and let’s go through this together.


Interested in Beachbody coaching?


I’d love for you to be a part of my awesome support and accountability group! Sign up as a Beachbody coach to join an amazing team! Being able to work for Beachbody is a great opportunity, especially if you’re already using the programs and products. Why not earn an income and make some new friends, too?!

Being a part of a family of women who are on similar journeys is such an amazing feeling. My self-improvement and confidence have also skyrocketed since I discovered team Beachbody. You get support, motivation, and a real feeling of self-worth by being a part of Beachbody. You’re not in it alone and your coach wants you to succeed!

If you’re ready to start on a better lifestyle, stop making excuses and just do it. The only thing that you have to lose is not taking a chance for yourself.

Beachbody transformation with Country Heat.

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