No Stress Healthy Easter

Worried about health issues this Easter? Unsure how to celebrate and still enjoy a fun Easter with the family? Healthy Easter!

Easter is a wonderful holiday, it’s one of my absolute favorites. Delicious food, church services, egg hunts. Given that stores, schools, and other places are shutting down because of the coronavirus, it’s understandable to be concerned about Easter gatherings and celebrations. Have no fear! There are so many ways that you can have an amazing Easter celebration at home with your family.

Have a no stress healthy Easter!

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Have Your Own Easter Celebration

Don’t let the fear of the virus keep you from enjoying Easter, have your own celebration! If you have younger kiddos, make Easter crafts with them. Kids love crafts and activities and it keeps them busy while having fun.

Easter Craft Ideas for Kids:


Bunny Rolls– Okay so I know you have a toilet paper stash right now, most people do. These cute little crafts will make use of the empty rolls. You just need construction paper, a hot glue gun, cotton balls, and yarn or string for the whiskers. Simple to make and who knew a toilet paper roll could be so cute.



Tinfoil Easter Eggs- Simply cut cardboard into small oval shapes, wrap the tinfoil onto them and color away!



Easter Terrariums- This is a cute and fun idea. You can use a large glass or plastic ornament or a fishbowl and fill it with toys, figurines, and small plants. The decor ideas are unlimited. After making this for Easter it can be used as home decor too!


Easter Egg Decorating- Buy a kit or make your own easter egg decorations. Enjoy this awesome recipe for shaving cream eggs.


Easter Movies

Here are some Easter movie ideas for the whole family to enjoy:

Hop- A family-friendly film that blends animation and live actors to spin the tale of the Easter Bunny and his son, E.B., who travels to Hollywood in search of stardom.


It’s the Easter Beagle Charlie Brown- Charlie Brown saves the day. There is something very comforting about watching Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the gang.


Peter Rabbit- The whole family will enjoy this action-packed Easter movie starring the one and only- Peter Rabbit.


Rise of the Guardians- Join in the magical adventures with the Easter Bunny, Jack Frost, Santa Claus, and the Tooth Fairy.


Affordable Easter Activities and Easter Basket Ideas



Easter Treats


Enjoy spending time with the kids and make special Easter treats together. Easter cakes or cookies, or even healthier recipes like the nest cookies pictured below. Baking is creative for kids and a great way to bond with them and there are so many cute treats to try.




History of Peeps


Guaranteed No Stress Healthy Easter

There are so many things you can do for Easter at home with the family. Fire up the grill and have a bbq or a picnic. Watch Easter movies and of course, have an epic egg hunt. If it happens to rain or be too cold out, move the party indoors. Add some balloons and Easter decorations.

Just because the coronavirus is shutting down so many things right now and things seem a bit uncertain does not mean that we can’t have a fun Easter with our families. Remember to be safe, be happy, and wash your hands.

Healthy Easter!




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