Amazon Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Amazon Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Here is a wonderful Amazon Mother’s Day gift guide that you can shop from the comfort of your home and still spoil the women you love this Mother’s Day. I have added one item that is not from Amazon, only because it’s amazing and can be purchased online and used at home.

Looking for the perfect gift for mom (or grandma, wife, etc). and tired of the typical flowers or department store gift cards? I’m going to share some awesome gift ideas with you because moms do a lot and they deserve the best! This gift guide is also broken into price categories, making shopping quick and easy so you have more time to spend with the special women in your life.

Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

There are many types of essential oils with a wide range of health and wellness benefits. Mom can wear this beautiful bracelet and enjoy her favorite essential oils. It’s a win-win!

essential oil bracelet

Garden Genie Gloves

If the special mom in your life enjoys gardening, then she will love these spiked garden-digging gloves. Keeps the hands clean and protected while digging- no shovel required.

garden genie gloves

Travel Coffee Mug

Being a mom myself, I’m usually pretty busy and when we have to leave the house it’s always a rush getting everyone ready. This cup is amazing- keeps my coffee fresh and hot (the way I love it) for hours. Very cute colors and can’t beat that price! Simple but effective.

travel coffee mug

Baby Bod Book

For all the pregnant and new (even experienced moms) who are concerned about their bodies in any way- this book is full of advice on repairing the mom bod. Our bodies go through a lot during pregnancy and birth, it takes extra TLC to achieve all of our body goals. This book will show her that she is not alone and has tons of advice and tips on the body after birth and diastasis recti.

baby bod book

Heated Eye Mask

I purchased this myself because I suffer from eye itchiness and tired eyes. It relieves all those symptoms in minutes and is a great at-home spa-like treatment. Moms will feel refreshed and relaxed after using this eye mask. It has put me to sleep on several occasions, I’m not complaining about that!

heated eye mask

Wine Tumbler

Adorable tumbler to keep her favorite drinks cold. This wine tumbler even comes with a cleaner sponge, straw, and a keychain. What a great Mother’s Day gift!

wine tumbler


What a cute idea for you to prefill with photos and mementos or fill the pages with her. She can treasure this gift all of her life and share it with her other loved ones. Moms love this stuff.


Cool Mom Tshirt

If she has ever seen the movie “Mean Girls,” she will want this shirt. I think I’m going to go put one in my cart now (or send a link to hubby hehe).

cool mom shirt

Llama Chia Pet

Give her the gift of nostalgia with not only a Chia Pet but a llama chia pet! Who doesn’t love an adorable llama plant??

llama chia pet

Crunchy Mom Tshirt

All the crunchy moms will understand and appreciate this stylish tee.

crunchy mama shirt

$50 and Under Gifts for her

Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are really popular and for good reason. In other words, give mom the gift of ultimate relaxation and a security blanket all in one. Several styles and patterns to choose from, which will she like best?

weighted blanket

Essential Oil Diffuser

This diffuser comes with several essential oils, but mom can still use her own if she prefers. The bamboo design goes with almost any home decor making this the perfect diffuser. It also runs quietly, some diffusers are a bit loud and annoying. Not this one.


Camouflage Shoes

The camo print is all the rage right now and I’m sure mom or wifey, could use a cute pair of these adorable camo Skechers! Added bonus- they are extremely comfortable and go with just about any outfit.

camo skechers

Handmade Bath Bombs

Give her the gift of relaxation for weeks to come with twelve different scented, natural bath bombs.

handmade bath bombs

Neck & Back Massager

Back and neck massager with an advanced heating function that soothes your full body parts to release stress and relieve sore muscles. Who needs to go get a massage if you have this at home?!

neck and back massager

Interlocking Mother-Daughter Necklace

If you have a younger daughter, your wife would love to receive this gift from her and your daughter would love getting to help pick it out for her mom.

mother daughter necklace

Willow Tree Figurine

The perfect sentimental collector gift to show her how much she means. Willow Tree figurines are intricate and beautiful, the perfect Mother’s Day gift for her.

willow tree figure for mom

24K Rose

An everlasting love for her to proudly display. Unlike normal flowers, this one won’t ever wilt and die. She will always see this rose and be reminded of how much she is adored.

24 k rose

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Chocolate-covered strawberries that are adorably decorated- need I say more?!

decorative chocolate strawberries

Gift Box

She’s bound to love something in this gift box! A huge box full of pampering supplies to show her how much you care.


Non-Amazon Must-Haves for Mom

BODI (formerly Beachbody) Membership

This is so much better than a regular gym membership. Gift her with an entire library of workouts that she can do at home, on her own time, with little to no equipment. You can purchase a Challenge Pack to get her started, it will come with shakes or performance products and a year’s access to BODI. It’s a great deal and a gift that keeps on giving.

Beachbody Membership

This list includes a range of popular gift ideas for mom (or wife/girlfriend) for Mother’s Day. If all else fails or something is out of stock, you can always order her an Amazon gift card. They never expire and let’s face it, Amazon has everything! (Amazon gift cards are available in a range of price and cute patterns). Amazon Mother’s Day gift guide is all you’ll need!

amazon gift card for mom

FarmHouse Fresh Goods – A huge range of natural products that are GOOD for the skin. Celeb-approved and each purchase supports animals in need.

farmhouse fresh goods for mom

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    You have some great suggestions here. I like that you have chosen thoughtful products for all budgets. I always shop on Amazon

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  7. Oooh these are great options! I’ve been so wrapped up in life standing still, I forgot that Mother’s Day is coming up. Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us!

  8. This is a great list. I love my diffuser. And I would love to get a weighted blanket. I love heavy blankets!

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  11. These are cool Mother’s Day gifts. The three that interest me the most are the gold rose (it breaks my heart to see flowers die), the back massager and the bath bombs.

  12. These are such great gift ideas! We love that they are all available on Amazon – makes shopping so easy.

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  14. I am really not the best gift giver, so this is great! I love that you considered all categories of Moms in your list. These are original too. Thank you for the ideas!

  15. I love these ideas! Can’t go wrong with coffee mugs and bath bombs. I’d love either or. 🙂

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