14 Best Toddler Gift Ideas in 2023

Being a mother of three, I have researched and tried a lot of different toys and gifts for little folks and I have an idea for the best toddler gift ideas in 2023. It’s so disappointing when you spend a lot of cash on the hot new toy, only to have your child barely play with it and then be tired of it.

So, I have set out and created this list for you based on research and most importantly, experience.

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14 Best Toddler Gift Ideas in 2023

Button Art My kids absolutely love this and could play with it for hours. It teaches color matching and coordinating skills to complete the 12 different pictures. I especially love this set because it comes with a drawstring bag to store all of the pieces.


Lego Duplo My First Bricks Who doesn’t love Lego and building?! This is a great gift that young ones can play with for years to come. Also, kids can create and build so many different things, the play is endless.


Paint Your Own Money Box Kids will have a blast getting to paint and decorate their very own bank. There are many different characters to choose from, for boys or girls. Also, it teaches children about money-saving early on.


Mickey Mouse Dance Mickey Plush Disney lovers, look here! This adorable Mickey Mouse sings, dances, and plays games.


Baby Shark Bath Squirters All toddlers love bath toys and Baby Shark. Thus, this set is a win-win.


Little Tikes Activity Garden This toy can be used indoors or outdoors and provides hours of play for your child. Also, it doesn’t take up too much room either.

little tikes activity garden


 Stack n’ Blocks These blocks are stackable, make sounds and have adorable animals on them.


Little People Good Manners DVD Little People is such a great brand for toddlers. Have them learn all about manners while enjoying a movie with their favorite characters.


Indestructibles Books  Oh how I absolutely adore these little people who drool and rough wear books! Several book themes to choose from and they truly are indestructible. Furthermore, the perfect gift for babies and toddlers.


Amazon Fire Kids Tablet A great educational tool, you can choose from so many different educational apps and games to keep kids busy while they learn. I love the tablet case, it is tough and kid-proof. Amazon has many different tablet cases to choose from, I recommend finding a kid-tough one with a stand so that they can prop to watch or play.


Carseat Activity Tray Perfect for a day of errands or traveling for a family trip. Kids can bring their favorite crayons and books to enjoy on the ride while staying organized. Sippy cup holder and tablet holder- bonus points!


Step2 Kids Picnic Table Toddlers will love having their own table to play at while getting to enjoy their meals and snacks outside. Love the shade umbrella, makes hot days a breeze.


PJ Mask Dress Up All kids can be heroes with this PJ Mask cape and mask set. Furthermore, the PJ Masks are such a popular group of characters right now. It’s time to save the world!


Inflatable Dinosaur Pool This dino-riffic pool comes complete with a toss game and a slide! Also, an inflatable T-rex that can be moved wherever you wish. It also comes with an electric pump, which, thank goodness!


Magic Aqua Doodle Mat Hours of mess-free fun for kids of all ages. Paint and draw with water, and it also comes with stencils.


Wrapping It Up

These are the tried and true 14 of the best toddler gifts in 2023. Furthermore, what makes the gifts even better, they can be used for several years to come by multiple children. When shopping for a gift for toddlers, I always make it a habit to check the age range on the package. Also, I picture what my kids would enjoy (or not enjoy).

Through hours of research and personal experience with kiddos, these are some of the best toddler gifts in 2021.

Lastly, if you are looking for fun activities to keep kids busy at home, check out this article.


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