Pinterest Jail- Why Is My Account Suspended

Pinterest Jail

My Pinterest Account Is Gone- What Now?

So I experienced something very devastating to my personal blog Pinterest account two weeks ago. (Pinterest jail). I had a fairly new account for my blog, less than a month old. My traffic was up to 18,000 monthly viewers in a very short amount of time.

Everything I had researched before starting my blog told me that Pinterest is one of the best ways to get traffic to your site and I was ecstatic as I began seeing this pretty quickly. Fast forward to two weeks ago. I checked my Pinterest several times a day to see the analytics.

On my anniversary weekend of all weekends, I was lying in bed about to get some shut-eye as it was a busy day of being wined and dined. I did my normal evening routine, check the Pinterest following. And to my surprise- I couldn’t sign in. I signed out and back in several times hoping it was some sort of glitch. Then to my horror, when I searched for my page it was gone- vanished!

Here’s what I did next and how I can help you quickly get your account back if you ever fall victim to a terribly unpleasant experience.

Just Breathe?

Everything I began Googling about this said as the first thing “Just Breathe.” Sorry but I had a ton of work put into my site and it’s just gone, I’m not trying to just chillax about it. I’m going to complain to hubby all night long and fight back tears as I wonder what went wrong.

First Things First

Okay, so you took a breath (or few), maybe drank some wine, cried some tears. Time to get your Pinterest account back! I tried all the suggestions I found from other posts, which included emailing the creator’s support, submitting an account suspension appeal, and even filing a BBB complaint against Pinterest.

I didn’t even realize my account was suspended until researching it because I never received an email about it from Pinterest. Once I realized that is what happened, I began emailing. And emailing. And emailing.

Filing a BBB Complaint Didn’t Work

I filed a complaint through the BBB as someone else who went through this had suggested. Unfortunately, that didn’t do anything. Pinterest just responded with the same generic, terrifying email that my account was suspended due to spam and they would not be re-activating my account. Also, I couldn’t create another Pinterest account for my business because anything that related to my site was blocked due to spam.

Filing Account Suspension Appeal

If your account is suspended, they say you are supposed to contact Pinterest, send a note, and fill out the account suspension appeal form. Someone will get back to you. Well let me tell you, I sent many appeal forms. Here is the response I always got.


This was frustrating, to say the least. The last few times I submitted the form I received this email.

pinterest email

The creator’s support emails weren’t much help either. This is the only response I received each time.

pinterest email


This went on for two weeks. I even emailed Tailwind in hopes that they could assist, but that’s not in their realm, which is understandable. Bless them for at least reaching out and responding to me in a timely manner.

Getting Desperate

After all the emails and waiting and still getting nowhere, I Googled Pinterest and tried to find their contact number. Called the contact number and guess what? They don’t offer phone support! If you need assistance you are to submit a note online! And I may have even called another number that was most certainly not Pinterest and did not want my call. I just want out of Pinterest jail.

Stressed to the Max

After all of this going on for such a long time, I am drained. I don’t understand why I am being punished because I didn’t do anything wrong. Why is my Pinterest account suspended?! I can’t even reach a person to explain this to. Now I must figure out other ways to grow my blog, as much as I loved Pinterest and Tailwind. Checking my email 24/7 for hopes of a response from Pinterest is exhausting.


Wait… There is Hope

As a last resort, before I completely gave up and quit Pinterest forever, a light bulb went off. I decided to try sending the note from my personal Pinterest account email rather than the business email that was linked to the suspended account. Low and behold a few hours later, I received a response.

pinterest support


Imagine my utter shock. Two weeks… two weeks of emailing, stalking my email, and praying I could have my account back. And all it took (for me) was to send an appeal using my personal email rather than my business email address. Relief flooded over me and I was so excited, this is amazing!


All Is Right

Finally, I am back in utilizing Pinterest and Tailwind for my lifestyle blogging business and I literally could not be happier. I wish that Pinterest support was easier and quicker, but nonetheless, I am stoked to have my account unsuspended.

I truly hope that you never run into this issue, but it does seem to be fairly common. Now you have more options on how to get your account back quicker. All my boards and pins are still there, just like I left them (haha) and my analytics are the same as the day before I was suspended.

It feels great being out of (Pinterest) jail. The pins are lovely and the company is great.


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