How to Be A Crunchy Mom in 14 Seamless Steps

Upon hearing the term “crunchy mom,” a lot of people think of crazy hippie ladies running around topless with their babes all day and other random and odd ideas. Nonetheless, other people have no idea what the term means if they have even heard of it. The definition of a crunchy mom is a neo-hippie, someone who has extreme beliefs in natural ways and is completely against anything that is not “natural.” Some of the extremes include giving birth in a field, and who goes against mainstream ideas and beliefs.

A modern crunchy mom is a bit different, and additionally, some even consider it a “scrunchy mom.”


14 steps on how to be a crunchy mom.

1. Co-Sleeping. You wouldn’t dream of putting the baby (or five-year-old) in any bed but yours. This can also relate to a “silky mom,” or a “normal” mom. You don’t have to be granola to bedshare.

2. Screen-Free. Tablets and other electronics are pretty absent in your daily life and in your children’s. In the same way, you prefer playing outside or doing arts and crafts and learning new things. Likewise, your kids would rather pick up a book than a television remote.

3. Organic. All the things must be completely and truthfully organic or they just won’t do. From personal care to cleaning supplies, and everything in between. It must be 100% natural, of course.

4. Essential Oils. You’re an oily mama and know that there is an oil for everything. Your husband and kids even know which oil to reach for if they feel sick or can’t sleep, and bonus- they know all about carrier oils.

5. Farmer’s Market or Co-op. You wouldn’t be caught dead in a traditional grocery store for your fruits and veggies. You prefer farm-fresh goods from the Farmer’s Market or local co-op, or on the other hand, you may even grow them yourself.

6. Home School. Public school is too crowded and private school is too pricey. Homeschool provides the best safety furthermore, you know what is best for your child.

7. Research, Research, Research! Crunchy moms will do extensive research and then some more before deciding on a product for their child or family. Just because a doctor says it, doesn’t always mean that it’s true.

8. Breastfeeding. You believe that breast is best and will do anything to be able to form that bond with your baby.

9. Cloth Diapers. Disposable diapers are expensive, contain chemicals, and also fill our landfills. You prefer to use and reuse cloth diapers for your babies.

10. Natural Birth. You don’t want any of the drugs or medication in your body possibly getting to your baby, therefore, you prefer to have a natural, drug-free birth.

11. Homesteading. Canning, raising your own chickens, and also composting all fall into this category.

12. Say No to Plastic. Because of chemicals, you try your best to keep a plastic-free household.

13. Baby Wearing. You don’t need a carrier or a stroller, thus you prefer to keep your baby nestled close in a carrier.

14. Vaccines. Many granola moms are against all vaccines. However, some do their own research and pick and choose which vaccines their children will or will not get.

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You can agree or disagree with any of the items on this list and still be a good mom. In addition, just because you prefer some items on the list doesn’t automatically make you a crunchy mom. Also, being a “crunchy mom” does not make you any better or worse than other moms. Finally, the main takeaway here is that whatever “type” of mom you may be, we all want the best for our kids and we will do what we feel is right to achieve that.


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