Quarantine Party At Home

With everything going on in the world right now, it was very interesting celebrating my daughter’s fourth birthday this year. Smack dab in the middle of the coronavirus, quarantines, shutdowns, and all of the unknowns with the pandemic currently going on in our world. It can be scary, but we are making the best of it and celebrating my daughter as she deserves. Hence, quarantine party at home.

It’s hard to understand everything that is going on in our time, for adults, and especially so for kids. I am always as optimistic and hopeful as I can be with the situation we are in. I know that better days are ahead, and it’s important to make the best of each day that we are given and I want to teach my kids that mentality as well.

Party at Home

Despite all of the setbacks and mother nature being well,  mother nature, my daughter’s birthday still turned out to be absolutely terrific. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s funny, I have always been a party planner for all my kids’ parties. I am the one to plan every little detail out months in advance, from food to gifts and decor.

This year I was planning on a small gathering with just the grandparents over since the virus going around. I didn’t even order matching cups and serve-ware this time, we had to wash our dinner forks to use on the birthday cake! That is not the norm for parties that I host.

Well, it worked out where other family members were able and wanted to come too. So, last minute I had several guests for our party at home. I must say, it was a fantastic time seeing everyone after being separated and shut-in for such a long amount of time. Having family join in on the celebration made it perfect. And we didn’t have too many people, and no one was running a fever or sick. (gotta make sure!).

I ordered all of my Peppa Pig party decor and party supplies online ahead of time at Amazon and PartyCity for her Peppa Pig party. I ordered a Peppa Pig cake from our local Ingles bakery, and it looked (and tasted) amazing! It paired perfectly with our delicious Neopolitan ice cream.


Peppa Pig cake


Peppa Pig Party Gifts

Here are a few of the gifts that my daughter got to open at her Peppa Pig Party:


Peppa Pig Lights & Sounds Home. This is absolutely adorable for any Peppa Pig fan, girl, or boy. My nephew loves Peppa Pig and he really enjoyed getting to play with this house.


My daughter is having so much fun pounding the hammer to open the safes and see all of the different surprises.


There are so many amazing Peppa toys, like this Bakery. It comes with figures and accessories. The house easily closes up so you can take it on-the-go.


  Club Chelsea swing playset by Barbie. It comes with a Chelsea doll and accessories.

What preschooler doesn’t love Play-doh?! Having all the tools to make your own creations is so much fun!

This is absolutely adorable and I know my daughter will love playing with it. Barbie Dreamtopia pool and tea set comes with a Chelsea mermaid and a cute little Merbear that may get you wet!

I also made party favor cups with Peppa Pig reusable cups with candy, puzzles, Peppa Pig stampers, and PJ Masks activities in them. I always enjoy giving out goody bags (or boxes or cups) to the little guests so that no one feels left out or sad in any way.

Life Happens

Despite the stress of coronavirus and all of the items not arriving on time, I must say the party was a success and I have a very happy little girl. She won’t ever know that her fourth birthday was surrounded by a pandemic, she will know that she always had happy birthdays and felt so loved. All of our family has sent cards or given her gifts to show how much they care, and that means so much to us.

When my daughter is older, as well as my other two children, I want them to still remember a happy, mostly carefree childhood despite it occurring during a worldwide pandemic. I don’t even want them to realize or remember it was a pandemic, I want them to remember the good times and how happy life can be. A party at home is still a great choice.

Last week some terrible weather and tornadoes came through and destroyed part of a city twenty minutes from our home. Luckily, we didn’t have any damage. Today, during my daughter’s birthday party, mother nature decided to bring another round of scary weather our way. We had at least gotten to finish eating cake and ice cream and opening gifts. Then we received the tornado warning alerts on our phones and went to take a look outside.


tornado weather


Once again, we are lucky and blessed enough that no tornadoes came by our home. It was a bit scary though, as we were all relaxing enjoying the party, and suddenly received alerts for tornadoes. Everyone made it safely to their homes shortly afterward, only for another round of warnings to come through. What a wonderful party at home.

With much hope and prayers, there won’t be any more bad weather watching tonight. But the weather channel does predict possible bad weather for another hour or so. The weather channel has been wrong a few times, so we will wait and see if we need to venture to our basement again tonight.


Wrapping (UNwrapping) Up


birthday party


Just because unfortunate or aggravating things happen doesn’t mean that we can’t still enjoy this life. Despite all these setbacks, I was still able to give my daughter an amazing party. And for that, I am thankful. Family and friends truly make the world go round, and I am so thankful for them too.

Here’s to hoping that her next party can be a wee bit less eventful. But bring it on, either way, we’ll be ready. Now I get to enjoy being a mom to a ten-year-old, two-year-old, and a FOUR year old. Oh my, how time flies!

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