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Child trafficking is something that is absolutely disgusting and outrageous. It makes me sick and especially hits home the realities because I have three kids of my own. I would lose my mind if any of my kids were taken from me this way, it’s unbearable to even think about. It’s something that has laid heavy on my heart for years. Sometimes to see more good in this life, we have to be the good. Know the signs and ways that you can help these children.

Trafficking is still a huge issue today and it is getting more news coverage- I say it’s about time the media talks about it more. Here are some of the latest amazing victories in ending child trafficking.


Know the signs of a child who is in danger and possibly in trafficking.

National Human Trafficking Hotline: 1 (888) 373-7888


Rescue Missions


An amazing child trafficking rescue mission happened in August this year Georgia, spanning over 20 counties. More than three dozen children have been rescued during this operation and nine arrests were made.


In September of this year, Operation Safety Net in Ohio led to the rescue of 25 children in less than 3 weeks and this operation is likely to continue.


In August this year, five people were indicted on child trafficking in Greenville, SC. Two of those people (husband and wife) are from Anderson, SC. I live about 40 minutes from each of these cities, this stuff can literally happen anywhere. It’s more important than ever to know and understand the signs that a child may be being trafficked and in danger. That small gut feeling we may get could save a life.

These are just a couple of amazing recent rescues of trafficked children. There are many more rescue stories out there and hopefully, many more to come. I would love for child trafficking to come to an end in my lifetime.


How to Help

If you’re anything like me, you love the rescue stories of these children and want to help in any way that you can.

There are many local programs that focus on fighting child trafficking that you can find through Google and volunteer for or donate to. Operation Underground Railroad is a nationwide program that helps to end child trafficking. They offer free training on their website on what to look for if a child is in trafficking and how to help.

National Human Trafficking Hotline: 1 (888) 373-7888

Save the Children is another great organization that helps children in trafficking. They have many options for you to help including volunteering, fundraising, events, and more. It’s worth checking out their website to see all that they offer to help the children.


An interesting section that I found on Save the Children’s website is Child Trafficking Myth vs. Fact:


MYTH: Traffickers target victims they don’t know 

FACT: A majority of times, victims are trafficked by someone they know, such as a friend, family member, or romantic partner.


MYTH: Only girls and women are victims of human trafficking

FACT: Boys and men are just as likely to be victims of human trafficking as girls and women. However, they are less likely to be identified and reported.


MYTH: All human trafficking involves sex or prostitution

FACT: Human trafficking can include forced labor, domestic servitude, organ trafficking, debt bondage, recruitment of children as child soldiers, and/or sex trafficking, and forced prostitution.


Wrapping It Up

Child trafficking is a huge issue in our country. It’s up to us to learn the signs and help to make a difference. The first step is learning more about it, and that is such an easy step that we can all do.

This article on child trafficking belongs on Be the Good because of the child trafficking rescue missions and learning more about ways to help save our children. I hope that you find the previously listed resources useful as you learn more about this heartwrenching problem that our people are facing and have been for so long. Let’s be the good and educate ourselves, learn the signs, and discover ways that we can help.




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