About Fitpire 

Fitpire (lifestyle blog, mom blog) was established in February 2020 and is about living your fit life while running your empire. I am a mother of three and have been married for over seven years. I had noticed that I had a “mummy tummy” that would not go away, no matter what I cut out of my diet and no matter the exercises that I tried. Nope, still there. I was thinking that I would be stuck with this extra belly fat forever.

Then one night a light bulb went off and I started doing some research. I realized that I have diastasis recti! This is common for women to develop after giving birth, but no one ever tells you about it. It isn’t mentioned at the pregnancy classes or at your postpartum checkup visit. I would have never known about this condition (let alone that I had it) had I not gone researching.

Turns out there are ways to fix this condition without surgery, and surgery can actually be a bigger risk than it’s worth for repairing diastasis recti. And also, it turns out there are exercises that can make the condition even worse, exercises I had been doing myself. So, it’s no wonder I couldn’t lose the belly pooch!

My Goal

My goal is to help support other women in their own journeys. That is how Fitpire was born. Now I am expanding Fitpire to reach out and help educate on several topics that mean a lot to me. 

I’ve come a long way on my fitness journey since finding out about diastasis recti and committing to a workout program. 

Fitpire is a place for us women to support each other and share through this journey of life while living it the best we can and having the body and mind we deserve while running our Empires!

~Anna Bruder