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Nerf War Mom vs. Son

Just a friendly nerf war, mom vs. son.

Nerf war- mom vs. son. My son had a blast filming this video-and so did I! Youtube is very popular, right now especially, so of course, at his age, it is something that he is very interested in watching and posting his own videos. It’s nice and needed in this life to get on a child’s level and have fun.

I enjoyed being a part of this and helping him with his channel so that I know what is going on with him and show that I am supportive. Remember when you have younger kids online to keep up with what they are doing. Not only for support but also to keep them safe from online predators and bullies.

Filming videos is a great way for a child to learn patience and other important life skills. It also helps teach your kids technical skills that will be valuable for years to come. Children will come to realize that creating and posting videos require a little more work than they would think. It takes time and a lot of work to be successful.

Here is a great guide for kids who want to start making their own Youtube videos. 

Check out his channel for more kid-friendly videos, he loves new subscribers considering he hasn’t uploaded in a while. It is fun to see how much he learns as he keeps making more of his videos for his channel. If you’re looking for the best mom Youtube videos, check out this post.

Thanks for checking out the video, I hope you get a giggle or two from the nerf war, mom vs. son- as we sure did. Here’s a good post to read next for any Fortnite lovers out there. Find the best Fortnite merch and items to surprise the special little guy in your life.


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