Nails to Fall For- Find the Perfect Autumn Mani & Pedi Ideas

Most women love to get their nails done. Whether it’s the experience in itself at a salon, the feeling of being pampered, or the aftermath. Beautiful nails that make you feel confident! With the current pandemic, many of us are choosing to do our nails at home. Some of us always prefer to do it ourselves. Fall nails are perfectly possible at home!

Not only is it a safer option at times to do nails at home, but it also can save money. You can still enjoy all the pampering at home yourself.

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Fall Nails- Get A Perfect Mani and Pedi at Home

1. Purchase a nail kit

There are many nail kits available online these days. One that I love is Modelones Gel Nail Polish set in Autumn colors. The kit comes in an adorable box to store the polishes in. It includes a base and top coat as well as 16 different fall colors. This kit costs less than $30 for everything you need for at-home gel nails, minus the UV light.

2. UV Light for Quick Drying & Gel Drying

A UV LED light is a must-have for at-home nails. I purchased this one off of Amazon and it works great. It has three different timing settings, depending on the polish type.

3. Manicure Set

You will also need a manicure set to perfect your nails at home. There are many options available, make sure the kit you purchase includes a push stick for cuticles, nail clippers, and a file. Most kits will include many other items as well that may be useful to you.

4.  Nail Art

When it comes to nail art, there are so many options. From pens to stamps and stick on and everything in between. I would recommend trying out a few different options to see which one you prefer.

Fall Nails Design

Now that you have everything that you need to do your nails at home, it’s time for the fun part! Fall nails design inspiration. If you aren’t very artistically talented, that’s fine. You can stick to just colors or use the many decor tools out there to help you achieve these looks.

Leopard Nails- Leopard print is very popular right now, try your hand at this trendy manicure!

leopard nails

Pumpkin Nails- If you’re artistic you could draw pumpkins on your nails. If not, you could use pumpkin nail stickers.

fall nails

Leaf Accent- This gorgeous manicure would be fairly simple to do. On your accent nail, draw on a leaf design or use a stencil or stick-on for nails. You could finish it off with nail gems.

fall nails

Sparkles- Transform your nails easily by adding some sparkle.

sparkle fall nails

Matte- If matte is your style, paint nails similar to this and add an accent if you wish.

matte fall nails

Ombre Halloween Nails- This look can easily be achieved with two different polish colors and an accent nail design.

ombre halloween nails

Plaid Nails- Plaid is forever stylish in the fall. Check out this awesome nail design idea.

plaid nails

Spooky Nails- If you’re into spooky and creepy, try a nail design similar to this.

spooky nails

Sunflower Nails- Sunflowers are stylish and bright.

sunflower nails

Accent Nail- This mani is awesome because you can pick your colors and design on the accent nail to really make it pop.

accent nail

Press-On Nails

I have recently tried these again after seeing someone on Instagram talking about them and I am in love! These nails last around 2 weeks and if one starts to pop off, just soak it in warm water and peel off and then reapply. Application is quick and easy and removal is simple too. Gone are the days of spending hours painting my nails only to have chips and peels as soon as I go to do something. And I am not really big on time for sitting at the nail salon for hours every few weeks. Grab your new nail besties here.

press on nails

My first press-on nail manicure, can’t wait to apply my fall ones!

halloween nails

Wrapping It Up

You can achieve gorgeous fall nail designs at home! To get the full pampering experience, soak your hands and feet and give them a nice scrub and moisturize. Your nails will love you and you’ll look and feel great! I am going to go try the leopard nails now, I love the leopard print!

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