EveryPlate Is the Most Affordable Meal Kit Delivery Service

Don’t know what to cook for dinner tonight? Try EveryPlate meal kit delivery service. I have tried out several meal kit delivery services, and Every Plate is the most affordable option.


With Everyplate meal kit delivery, you can choose weekly meal deliveries for 2 or 4 people. You can also choose if you want 3, 4, or 5 meals each week. If there’s a certain week that you need or want extra meals, you simply add those (extra fee) to your box. If you don’t want or need a delivery on a certain week, you simply skip that week in your account.

You can also pick your meals a month in advance. Everyplate makes meal planning a breeze! If you need to, you can also pause your subscription. You can normally find promo codes online to save money and you can earn credit when inviting friends or family.

Meal Options

You can choose a vegetarian plan if you want, or you can go with a regular plan that has meat. Some examples of recipes include Honey-Glazed Porkchops with mashed potatoes and zucchini (one of my favorites) and Steak Frites with green beans and potato wedges.

What is so cool about EveryPlate is that all ingredients needed for a meal are included (except occasional butter or salt, pepper, things you already have on hand) in the box. You get an easy to read recipe card with exactly how many of each item you will need for each recipe. If you double up and want to make a two-person meal into a four-person meal, they tell you what ingredients to add there as well.


Here’s what you’ve been waiting for, how much does Everyplate cost? Starting at only 4.99 per serving for 2 people and 3 recipes each week. You can almost always find a promo code, which I did. I get four meals per week for two people for only $48.91. That includes shipping!

There are some recipes that are premium, and you will have to pay a couple of extra bucks per person for those. However, you’re never forced into a premium meal, there are many delicious options either way.

Give It A Try

If you’re anything like me and tired of the same ole same ole or what’s for dinner?? I would most definitely give EveryPlate meal kit delivery a try. It has saved my sanity as I don’t have to shop and plan for meals every week, I just open the box and start cooking! Really, it doesn’t get much easier than that. You’ll save precious time and money. Another benefit, no more buying veggies and produce items that end up going bad before you get around to using them.

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